Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July

We started our Fourth of July festivities the day before by making chocolate gelato and vanilla ice cream. Jesse and Maddie helped with the process!
Here's what the custard looks like as you cook it.
Maddie's favorite part- mixing in the chocolate!
After refrigerating the mixture overnight, now it was time to churn it.
Ah...now that's good stuff!
We had a few friends come over in the afternoon to celebrate the 4th. Mike was so funny holding Savannah-I think it made him nervous :)! He's great with her.
Davide and Maddie had fun playing in the sprinklers ("frinklers" as Maddie calls them).
Dinner time with Jordan and Jenny, Lianne and Wyatt, Mike and Rachel.
Happy Fourth Savannah!

It's our family tradition that I make this Bumble Berry Pie every year. It's a fav!
Mads was ecstatic about the chocolate gelato!
After hanging out all evening with friends, we went to see some fireworks.
Madison and Savannah loved them! The next night (July 5th) Maddie asked, "Can we go see fire lights again tonight?" We told her to start counting down the days...364 left until more fireworks!

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azuremle said...

Glad to see Savvy enjoying the o-ball too:)