Thursday, January 23, 2014

Baltimore Aquarium

Since Maddie was off school Monday, we took a drive to the Baltimore Aquarium. 
What a great place to go! 
We had breakfast on the way...donuts!
We went with our friends, the Boady's. There were 6 kids between our 2 families. What fun!
This picture is for Grandma- we saw puffins!
Some of the fish were huge! They even had sharks :)
 As you walked up each level, it was as if you were getting to the surface of  the ocean. Each level had fish from a different depth of the ocean. 
 Family picture in the rain forest. We saw the sloth- I guess that's rare being that the sloth never moves.
We even saw a dolphin show! 

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Ski Town Girl said...

Viva la puffins!