Friday, January 10, 2014

Geneva Joy at Three Months

Geneva Joy Johnson is really the sweetest baby! I'm so enjoying snuggling this little bundle. 
She has such a sweet disposition. She hardly ever cries. She's been starting to sleep from 11:30pm-7am. I'm loving the uninterrupted sleep. During the day she eats every 3 hours. This is my first baby that hasn't needed to suppliment with a bottle. She's a great eater!
Look, I'm growing so big! She wears 3-6 month clothes now.
Savannah calls her "Neva Joy", so that's her nickname.
Maddie loves playing with her little sister. Here's what Maddie and Savannah looked like at 3 months! 
Geneva likes laying under her play mat and smiles at the light up star. She gets a kick out of her big sisters. She gives a little giggle from time to time when you talk to her. She's not into being on her tummy, so no rolling over yet. 
We're thankful to the Lord for this precious gift!

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Ferko said...

All of your girls are so beautiful! Love how Maddie is playing with dog with G, so sweet!