Wednesday, January 8, 2014

We're Enjoying Our New Christmas Presents!

First of all, Jesse gave me a wonderful new camera for my birthday and Christmas (kinda a big gift!). So, I already see a difference in my pictures, but with a little more experience, I hope to improve my photography!
 All three girls received owl PJ's for Christmas! They are keeping us cozy in this cold weather. School was actually cancelled because of the freezing temperatures. 
 Both girls love the new deluxe doll house! It's three stories and has an elevator!! All their little princess dolls love the new digs.
 Geneva is watching her first movie...Finding Nemo. She didn't make it all the way through- had to take a nap :)
 Happy Birthday, Jesse! Yesterday was his big day! The girls gave him an "I Spy" book. They had great fun looking for everything. I gave Jesse tickets to go to the Spy Museum in D.C. together. (Yes, there was a spy theme this year). He's been wanting to go, so now we'll "spy" it out together!
For Jesse's birthday dessert, I made peppermint milkshakes (like the ones at Chick Fil A). Yum. Click here if you want the recipe. 
Happy Birthday to the most wonderful husband. I'm thankful beyond words for his love for our Lord, which then enables him to be the husband and father he is. What a blessing.

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Ferko said...

How fun you got a new camera!! Love the new couch in the basement!! Happy Belated Birthday Jesse! :)