Sunday, February 2, 2014

Family Time

Life can be so hectic...everyone knows what I'm talking about. We have full days, and sometimes nights! So, our family took a few days to slow down and enjoy each other this past week.
This is where we stayed...
just kidding! 
On the tour, I was amazed to learn that he read in 6 different languages, invented a way to copy his letters as they were being written, and started a university. He was quite a hard working man.

They had a great kids room where the girls learned hands-on about life during his day.
Building with the blocks was a huge hit!
Here Maddie is copying his grave stone by rubbing a crayon over it.
You might recognize the back of his house from looking at a nickel.
We also took a family game day. Uno, War, pick up sticks, hide and go know, good ones like that :)
Another highlight was going for walks. The girls were so cute to watch.
Sister conversations...
Both girls cried when we had to leave! They had such a great time. One of their favorite things about our little trip was having Lucky Charms for breakfast...hahha!

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