Thursday, February 13, 2014

Papa and Mimi Got Snowed In!

We are so happy to have Papa and Mimi here for a visit! Papa came via Russia, where he was doing a conference. They were supposed to fly out today to South Carolina to do another conference over the weekend, but they've gotten snowed in! The airport closed down, and there were no other flights in time for the conference. It's super fun to have them here for a snow storm.
 My little ones are thrilled to have story time with Papa and Mimi!
 Morning snuggles. 
(Maddie wasn't quite awake yet :)
 Mimi's had lots of pretend play with Savannah.
 This is Geneva's favorite spot. She rolled over for the first time today from her tummy to her back!
 We made meatballs and Mimi's famous Italian sauce for dinner. 
 Everyone put their artistic talent to work making snowflakes.
 Maddie made her first Rainbow Loom bracelet.
 Geneva's second favorite spot.
 We ventured out for a bit today- it had snowed 10 inches last night! Savannah went sledding on a few runs, then wanted to go inside for a warm bath! She wasn't up for the cold today. Our family has been sick the last two weeks with an awful cold/flu. Lots of sneezing, coughing, and stuffy noses.
 Thanks Papa for shoveling our walkway!
Maddie sledding!

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