Thursday, August 21, 2014

Aunt Dottie Turns 102 Years Old!!

Happy Birthday Aunt Dottie! 
 What an amazing lady she is! She still lives on her own, walks to the store (and comparison shops for the best price), and does the crossword puzzle every day.
 It was so fun to see her light up being with the kids.
 Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Kenny were so kind to let us stay in their house while they went on vacation last week. We were glad we got to see them for the afternoon!
 Geneva really wanted to pet Sammy, but Sammy's not into little kids.
Yipee! We had a great trip and made it home safe. Everyone did great on the drive.

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Ferko said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Dottie!!! Love that picture of you and G at the end, cute girls!! :)