Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Farm and Beach

In CA some people ski and surf in one day, well in Massachusetts we go to the farm and beach in the same day.
 It was a beautiful day at the farm.
 Mimi flew into MA, so we had two days with her!
 The farm not only had animals, produce growing, yummy donuts, but also a pond!

After our morning at the farm, we picked up AD and headed to a beach in New Hampshire. 
There was a fun kid's concert at the beach. The girls got to play the drums on stage.

 And a dance party!
 We enjoyed fried clams and pizza during the concert :)

 Then we had a quick stop playing in the water. 
 Yes, the girls got their clothes completely wet!
What a fun day!

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Ferko said...

So fun that you all got to see your mom!! Aaaah, everything is so green and beautiful!! Oh and that picture of Maddie kills me, she's looking soo grown up :/