Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Our Visit with Aunt Dottie

Last week we drove up to Massachusetts to visit with my Great Aunt Dottie. She's always played a spacial role in my life, and she continues to do so with my kids (despite being 102 years old)!
 Geneva loved her immediately! It's been 8 months since they've been together. They played peek a boo on the couch, cuddled, and gave kisses.

Geneva looked bigger than Aunt Dottie!
 One morning we went to the local health club to play in the water!
Savannah painted with water :)
 The girls loved it!
 Then we took AD to her paper store. She walks to this place almost every day to get the NY Times. 
 Grocery shopping...
 Aunt Dottie is so cute. She loves her ice cream!
Love them.

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Ferko said...

Awww, so fun you guys got to spend that time with her! Love that picture of her with G on the couch, so sweet!!