Saturday, August 22, 2015

Another Day in Paradise

 Every morning we took a little walk up from our townhouse to get some coffee. This morning we ran to see this hot air balloon land. It was remarkable!
After getting coffee that morning, Geneva had a huge fall on the cement and blacked out. We are still very thankful that she came to and was only left with a sore head and concussion. Praise God.
 From there we walked over to the base of the ski mountain. 
There's a beautiful little stream that the kids loved playing in!
 The three amigas could have stayed here all day!
 We enjoyed a few minutes to sit and talk. Love this guy.
 Then we headed up on the gondola.
 Now for the fun part...hiking!!
 Deb showed us where the cleanest, coolest spring water comes out. 
So, Maddie helped fill all our water bottles. 
 It's hard to capture the beauty of all the wildflowers!
 Grandma and Geneva looking at the view.
 More fun playing by the water before lunch.
 Geneva loved this bear and asked for her picture by it- hilarious!
 Sweet sisters. These two are such good playmates.
 Later that day we headed over to Fish Creek Falls.
 Such a pretty place.
 More playing by the water.

 Then we went to Grandpa Robert and Grandma's house for dinner. 
Grandma gave the girls a basket of toys they had fun playing with!
After dinner we played tag with our glow in the dark jewelry on!

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