Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Back in Cali

I'm not sure if I had all the suitcases in the house before Maddie and Savannah were in the pool! These girls are fish.
 Swimming with Mimi.
 Geneva had no fear- she just jumped in without a float. Several time we had to scoop her back out!
 Getting spoiled at Mimi's- movie and ice cream!!
 Geneva got into her Nutella and pancakes!
We were all excited to go to our old church- Grace Community. It was wonderful visiting with friends and hearing God's Word taught. I think Grace means so much to me because it's where I grew up- my parents instilled a love for the church and our lives were build around the people and life of the church. 
 Now she's a serious swimmer!
 Daddy's in town and we're having fun!

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Ferko said...

Haha, the night swimming picture is the best!!! So happy you were able to go back to Cali and visit with friends and go to Grace, so special!!! :)