Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Our Trip Out West...

This summer our family packed up and flew to New Mexico to visit Jesse's dad and step mom, then we drove to Colorado to camp, drove some more to Steamboat Springs
where we visited Jesse's mom, and drove again to Denver where we visited his Great Grandparents and several aunts and uncles. From there, I flew with the girls to California and Jesse flew back to Virginia to preach and do a wedding. We had quite the trip full of adventure! Here's a little from our first part of the trip in ABQ...
My little travelers in the airport- they were great in planes and cars!
So happy to see Grandpa and walk the pups!
Pretty cute.
Geneva even got a turn walking Ratso.
Sandy needed a little rest after a while. 
 The girls, Jesse, and his dad got to go to Petroglyph National Monument. It's a beautiful spot.

On my early morning runs, it was fun seeing all the hot air balloons. 

When I got back, the girls were in PJ's cheering me on :)
The Range Cafe was pretty much amazing- delicious green chili breakfast burritos.
Gale and Jim took us to the ABQ zoo- what fun! 
We met up with some of Gale's friends and the kids had a blast together.
Here we are riding the hot train over to the aquarium.
Super cool.
Watch out Grandpa- we're taking this baby for a ride!
   We had a great dinner with some ABQ extended family. 
  These guys are pretty hilarious together!
The girls loved meeting their cousin Rees.
More to come soon...

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Ferko said...

Soo fun!! Love that the girls were cheering you on while you ran!! You're such an inspiration...I need to exercise instead of sitting on my toush...haha