Thursday, August 20, 2015

Here We Go Camping!

The girls were so excited to go camping for the first time!
Grandpa taught them how to check the tires and fill them with air. 
The girls loved helping load up the camper.
We took 3 kids and 3 pups. Both traveled well!
This picture makes me laugh! The guys did a great job setting up the tent. 
 The girls picked flowers right away!
 They love being in the outdoors! Our view was beautiful- we were in the middle of nowhere somewhere on the New Mexico and Colorado boarder.
Gale and Jesse sent up the tarps and kitchen.
We enjoyed a bumpy ride in the back of the pick up through the hills.
      It put Geneva right to sleep!
 Nothing like s'mores and camping.  
 The kids liked climbing on this dilapidated house.
Jesse and Neva in 2 states at once!
Jim showed us around the train station at Cumbres- this is where his dad worked many years ago.
This railroad was originally constructed in 1880. Lots of people come here just to ride the old train.      

 Gale and her pup.
That afternoon it rained for a while! The girls enjoyed playing in the mud and going for a walk.
Grandpa and Ratso sat by the fire trying to stay warm and dry!
Having fun with umbrellas!
We made some coffee and hot chocolate to warm up.
Gale brought the LARGEST marshmallows- the girls loved them!
The girls had fun playing in the mud and rain, until they were too tired and too cold to have anymore fun! After finding some dry clothes and getting warm in the tent, Geneva was much happier.
More fun once the sun came out.
Daddy read us stories by the campfire.
Gale cooked us the best food while camping- we were spoiled.
That night Geneva fell into the fire pit- thankfully, she didn't get burned. 
She's so wobbly and still trips quite a bit!
The girls loved sleeping in the tent with Grandpa, GiGi and all 3 dogs!
Grandpa made us a yummy breakfast.
Rock art!
 Gale had a great idea for the girls to paint rocks for her garden.

Serious work here.
Thanks Grandpa and GiGi for all your work to make camping a fun experience for us!
I just love these little girls!
Geneva was asleep (with her hand out the window) in the first 2 minutes that we drove away.
And these girls knocked out not too much later! Camping was so much fun, they were exhausted! 
Now to Grandma's house we go!

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