Thursday, December 30, 2010

Family Photo Shoot with Emma

I love Maddie's little smirk- she's a character!
The girls wearing their Christmas dresses.
I love being married to my best friend.
I love this man!

My alert Savannah.
Fidgety girl.
Peaceful sweetie.
Oh, so sleepy.
Beautiful baby.
My silly girl.
The sweet Maddie.
And the goofy side of Madison!

Thank you, Emma, for taking these precious pictures! You are such a kind friend and talented photographer. We're thankful for you!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve Day

We celebrated with the James and Mom and Dad on Christmas Eve day.
My little Christmas present :)
Talking with Mimi.
Charis was pretty excited about her jewelry box and fun goodies inside.
Maddie LOVES her drum and other instruments from the James! Thank you :)
Savannah had a fun time opening her gifts...ha ha! This outfit and hair bow are adorable!!
Madison showing Mimi and Papa their gift...footprints from her and Savannah.
Thanks Aunt Jennifer for this fun gift!
After opening gifts, Papa had the brilliant idea of going for a scavenger hunt in the neighborhood. We had a long list of things to bottle caps, red leaves, etc. We had so much fun running around looking for these items. I think the adults got more competitive than the kids!!
That night we had Mimi's famous Italian sauce, pasta, and meatballs. Everyone was stuffed!
Madison is so excited about her new table and chair set- thank you Mimi and
Charis is such a responsible big cousin. I am loving watching her grow up!!
The girls.

Christmas Day

Savannah's first Christmas!
Christmas morning was just the four of us...what a sweet time we had!
Here's some chap stick from my stocking, Daddy.
I think we could have stopped after the stocking!
Here's Maddie with her new necklaces, bracelet, and putting her chap stick in her purse.
Here's Madison showing Savannah my gift to them. It's a book of family pictures....grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. This way we can see them and pray for them often even though they live far away. Maddie was so adorable telling Savannah, "Wake up sister, look at this book."
After a fun morning at home, we drove to the James' (my brother-in-law's family) home in Agua Dulce. What a fun time the kids (and dad's) had on the property!
I love these two!
Here's Savannah showing off her new hair flair from auntie.
The girls loved swinging!
Playing Guess Who.
The men grilling the steaks.
Jumping and exploring the big backyard.
Climbing and sliding.
Yummy kisses by the fire.
We had a great time just visiting.
This is our 5th Christmas married, and they keep getting better!
The next day we went to church, and got all dressed up.
Maddie wore her beautiful Christmas dress from GiGi and Grandpa. She loves twirling in it!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Nothing Like a Day with the Cousins

We've been having so much fun with Charis and Emma over the last week and a half!
EVERYTHING Madison is wearing here is a hand-me-down from the James' girls. It's such a blessing to have all these clothes passed down to us :) And I think they are stinking cute, too!
"What do we do now?"
The three amigos!
Aunt Melissa is so much fun- she splashed in the puddles right along the girls!
You can't catch me!
I love the look on Charis' face!!!
Running in the puddles wasn't enough for Emma.
Wet from head to toe.
Then Mads had to discover the mud, of course! This made for an interesting ride home.