Sunday, September 23, 2018

Family Get Away!

We took a family trip, even though school had just started. It was good timing for us to spend some quality time as a family. We treasure these young years with the kids, and want to make time together a priority. We do this by having a family night during the week, but there's something special about getting away from all the business and just enjoying some extended family time. 
 We spent one night in New Bern, NC. We loved the history of this quaint town. 
 Christopher came from Bern, Switzerland and named this place "New Bern" 
(which means new bear). 
 The girls enjoyed finding the bears around town.

New Bern is also the birthplace of Pepsi.
What a treat!

Then we moved to Myrtle Beach, SC for 3 days. Yay for the the sun and waves!

We had a blast at The Broadway.

Paula Dean's restaurant made some serious fried chicken. 

We giggled our way through the house of mirrors.

Our version of mini golf is pretty hideous- 
a mix between speed bowling and golf, but we had a good time.
From there we drove to Wilmington NC for a tour up Fear River. 
What a neat history belongs to this place.
It's now a brackish river due to damming up done to make the river larger to help water the rice patties. Of course, once the salt water came in through the tides, the rice patties died. Now this is the largest river in NC- 202 miles long. 
The area we were at is a major port for exporting wood chips and importing grains. 
We had some of the best ice cream and got to pet a horse! That's a win for my girls.
Then we spent the night in Fayetteville on the way home. We stopped at a botanical gardens and saw this nasty well-fed snake.

There were such beautiful walks!

Last stop- Special Forces Museum. This place is amazing.

Can you see the wing of the airplane on the ceiling?!
This man's story is incredible.
       Love these quotes!