Saturday, May 21, 2016

Love these people...

 I love the sweet moments between daughters and their daddy. 
 My big helpers. What good shoppers they are! We only got a few things that weren't on my list.
Savannah and Geneva play so well together while Maddie and I do school!
That day they were cowgirls.
 Saturday mornings usually start with some sort of pretend! Reepacheep was a part of it, too.
Star Wars! Maddie dressed the girls and called them her "younglings"! So funny. I also love the bubble wands used as lightsabers. 
We made homemade soap with Mary and Beth this week. Such a great home school project. 
Here it is curing at home!
She dressed herself. Love the patterns!
Saturday fun with the fam. We went to My Dairy Godmother.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Shopping for Flips Has Never Been so Entertaining!

 So we went to Old Navy for their $2.50 flip flops. We ended up having a pretty fun time!
 The girls wanted a "family photo".
Such silly girls.

Monday, May 2, 2016


  One more year of AWANA has gone by! I'm so thankful for the Bible verses the girls have hidden in their hearts.
 Savannah's Cubbie class.

Cute friends.
 She's finished 3 Sparks books!
Maddie's Sparks class.
We celebrated with friends at 5 Guys after!