Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring Outings

It's that time of year here in NOVA where everything is blooming. 
It makes for pretty walks and lots of sneezing!
 Geneva enjoyed sitting in the Cherry Blossoms!
 My cuties. Can you see TJ in the background?
 Here are the girls ready for a little morning walk with the Pinkley crew. 
 Last week we had our Grill and Chill group over for a BBQ in the rain. It was a blast.
The kids were pretty happy about ice cream sundaes!

This is Savannah's sweet friend, Maddy. They met in Cubbies.
We also got out to a party at the Pinkleys this week- Isaac took the girls for a spin. 
After that, girls were driving this car all night! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring is Here!

We've had some pretty days here in D.C. this week! It's been lovely to be outside, have the windows open, and get some sunshine!
 Neva loves being outside. She often runs over to me with her shoes in her hands asking to go play.
Yes, the daffodils and trees are all in bloom!
 I love these two. They are so different from each other, but get along so well (most of the time:). Maddie pushed Savannah up the hill on her bike. Such a helpful big sister. I love Savannah's outfit!!
 G also loves playing with babies. She rocks them back and forth, puts a purse (or two) on her arm and is ready to be a mommy.
 My little toddler.
So happy when daddy gets home!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter with the Leaches

 We had a wonderful day celebrating the fact that Jesus rose from the dead and conquered sin. It was filled with church, rest time :), and visiting with David and Laura. 
 Auntie "L" and Uncle David hid Easter eggs for the girls to find- they had a blast! G needed a little help getting started.

Then she caught on!


 It was sweet to see the bigger sisters helping the little one.

Then we had a "show" with the rainbow wands. 

We had a fabulous dinner that Laura made along with delicious coconut cake.
 The girls LOVE walking Maggie.
 She's such a good doggie.

 Cute girls.
 Neva needed a break from the walk, so she sat on the curb.

 Thank you Leaches for a wonderful evening of fellowship! 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Break Party Lasted a Week

We had a pretty amazing Spring Break! Our family hopped on a plane to Arizona so we could visit my sister and her family. Papa and Mimi drove in and we had all the makings for a party! 
It was a sweet visit, but just not long enough. 
As soon as we arrived, Melissa broke out the "car wash" as the girls called it. It's a sprinkler set up with PVC pipes. The kids had a blast. We really were so thankful for the sun and warmth. It's been a very cold winter in VA with lots of time spent indoors.
Driving through the car wash!

Drinking at the car wash :)
Mimi blew bubbles for Geneva to catch.
Emma and Savannah sunbathed.
We also went for lots of walks!
Here are the men talking theology at the park. Love these solid leaders.

     Papa was loving having his granddaughters all in one place!
We played Memory
and Guess Who
and other games too!

Papa and Mimi took the 4 older girls to a water park hotel one night. The time together was filled with special memories. 
They took the girls out to dinner and got mustaches!! We heard there was a country band and the girls danced for hours!
While they were away, Geneva and I had some special time together.

My sister and I also got a date in- pedicures, lunch, and errands. It was so nice spending time together and having uninterrupted conversation!
 That night the four adults and Geneva went out for a date night. We had BBQ and G played in the fountains.
Another day we went to Riparian Reserve. It was filled with beautiful plants and birds.


Emma pushed Neva as she napped.
 Stripe sisters.


Love these knees.



After the walk, we went to a place called The Farm.
After lunch we walked a bit more of the property. 

Sweet sisters.
That afternoon we went to see Cinderella- it was sooo good!!
Papa and Mimi took us out for ice cream one night!

The morning we left Charis and Melissa made us pancakes. The James were such amazing hosts! They sacrificially served us- gave up their beds, made yummy food, and shared their toys!

Love meal time together.

Goodbyes at the airport were pretty hard. These cousins are sweet friends. 
I love watching their friendship grow.
My babies were tired when we reached VA- so much good play!