Friday, July 22, 2016

Lazers Swim Team

We've really enjoyed swim team this summer. For us it's not so much about competition and beating others as it is about exercise and having fun. The girls have gotten to be better swimmers and improved their times, but they've also learned to do things that are hard and cheer on others who are better swimmers. I love learning life lesson with these kids as we walk or "swim" through life!
 Maddie's dive is pretty good now.
 Savannah about to kick across for the lollipop race.

 Love this team of kids- so encouraging to swim with.
 The coaches even get in the water and play with the kids on the weekends!

 Dianna White is a great team rep- she works hard and has a great attitude doing so.
 Crazy color pep rally!
Maddie shaved 9 seconds off her backstroke time.
We're so thankful for these coaches and parents that put in hard work to make this such a fun pool to swim at!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

More Birthday Shenanigans

 Maddie woke up to Star Wars balloons, streamers, plates and napkins on her bday.
She's very into the movies right now :)
 Birthday donut!
After the swim meet we had Faith over to play.
Our dinner outside got cut short by a pretty big thunderstorm, so we finished up inside.
 Thanks Faith for the really fun and meaningful gifts!
 Instead of mini golf, we went bowling due to the rain.
 So adorable.
Love her hands!
After the storm, there was a quadruple rainbow in the sky! What an amazing Creator we love! 
The kids enjoyed their frozen custard while watching the colors change.
Maddie and Faith wore their matching dresses to church. 
It was precious to see them sit together and take notes.
Some of my favorite times are sitting around the kitchen table talking as a family.
Sunday night we were discussing Sunday mornings' message. We were so surprised that Savannah remembered a detailed description of the mighty angel from Revelation 10. Maddie showed her notes to Jesse, too. How thankful I am that we have Christ as our Savior and that we can talk about what we are learning from the Word together. God is so gracious.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Back to More of the Johnson Visit...

It was Rose and our girls first time meeting, and the cousins had a blast together!
They had a great time pretending in the basement- such goofy girls.
We went into D.C. and saw the monuments and Rose saw a few museums, too.
  Uncle Jesse and Rose.
Lincoln Memorial.

Then we looked up a few friends of Homie that had passed away in the Vietnam War.
We found them on the wall and even made an etching in our National Parks Passport book.
 One evening we had a little bonfire and roasted marshmallows!
Unfortunately later that night Rose and Geneva collided on the trampoline and Rose ended up breaking her nose. We found an excellent doctor who did surgery and fixed her right up!
 Rose sure was brave!
So yummy!
The girls caught fireflies and made a little home for them.
 On the 4th of July we stuck close to home, but had fun!
Thanks for the decor, Gale! 
 We were sad to see Gale leave, but so glad she could come and visit!  
     Star Wars moves.

Such sweet girls.
Grandpa read many stories.
 One evening we took a walk through Old Town Alexandria...
 and got ice cream, of course!
Then it was time for Grandpa and Rose to head out!
They are riding all the way back to Montana on the motorcycle!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Happy Birthday to My Eight Year Old!!

It's such a privilege to be Maddie's mom! She's not perfect, but she is growing into quite a kind and thoughtful young lady.
 I like her personality. 
She's loyal, thinks deeply, cares for people intensely, and likes having fun. 
 She chose to celebrate her birthday by having a night away with me! It was so special. 
We drove 30 minutes away, and had some quality time.
Girls night out!
 After dinner it was pool time back at the hotel.
 Then we went out for a walk and frozen yogurt.
 It's so fun talking with her- she's getting so mature.
 It was beautiful watching the sunset from our room on the 14th floor!
 Maddie loves "big eyes stuffed animals". So, here she is being a "big eye".
 The next morning we played some corn hole. Then we shopped a little bit.
 Miss Penny brought Maddie the coolest Stormtrooper cookie!
What great memories.
Children truly are a blessing from the Lord!
They challenge us and bring joy in ways that nothing else can!
These eight years have been filled with sweet memories.