Friday, July 22, 2016

Lazers Swim Team

We've really enjoyed swim team this summer. For us it's not so much about competition and beating others as it is about exercise and having fun. The girls have gotten to be better swimmers and improved their times, but they've also learned to do things that are hard and cheer on others who are better swimmers. I love learning life lesson with these kids as we walk or "swim" through life!
 Maddie's dive is pretty good now.
 Savannah about to kick across for the lollipop race.

 Love this team of kids- so encouraging to swim with.
 The coaches even get in the water and play with the kids on the weekends!

 Dianna White is a great team rep- she works hard and has a great attitude doing so.
 Crazy color pep rally!
Maddie shaved 9 seconds off her backstroke time.
We're so thankful for these coaches and parents that put in hard work to make this such a fun pool to swim at!

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