Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lots of Swimming

We've had so much fun at the pool lately! Maddie and Savannah have really improved in their swimming.
 What out for these cute kids!
 Maddie and Maddy taking side breaths in swim team. 
 Maddie swam so fast and Savannah kicked liked a champ.
 Lolly pops!
Playing princess poolside.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Leesburg Animal Park

We had a great family day at Leesburg Animal Park! We spent about 4 hours watching animals, climbing on playgrounds, and hanging out together.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday, Maddie!

Maddie Marie certainly is a joy! She is passionate, a deep thinker, loves to jump, loyal friend, and very responsible. I love this girl. I feel truly blessed that she calls me "Mom". It's a privilege to raise her, and I sure need God's wisdom in doing so. We are excited to home school this fall, so I'm looking forward to many sweet Maddie memories this year as we learn together.
 Maddie certainly had a fun-filled birthday! It started off at 5:30am- she was so excited, she couldn't sleep! We had donuts with sprinkles.
 Thanks to Aunt Melissa and the James, Maddie got a few books that she LOVES. 
 Aunt Jennifer and the Crams gave her a new bath towel. 
Much needed since she's had the same one since birth :)
 Paddington! We love this movie- thanks Papa and Mimi. She also enjoys reading her new Ranger Rick magazines.
After opening some gifts, we had swim team (as you can tell from the bathing suit).
 After swimming, we headed over to Flight Trampoline Park where we jumped and played dodge ball with Reagan and her mom. What a blast!
That afternoon Tessa, Maddie, Savannah and me went to see the Minion movie. 
Side note: didn't love this one, but we had fun anyways.
Can you believe these cookies?! Miss Penny made these delicious treats.
 Grandma, Maddie had so much fun coloring this tie dye bag. It's a huge hit. 
She also decorated her flip flops with the new tape!
 That night we had dinner with Miss Penny- so thankful she could be with us and celebrate.
 Ice cream cake!!
 Someone was thrilled.
Thanks Miss Penny for Operation- fun way to end a fun day!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

God's Promises

This summer the girls and I are going through a Bible study together. We enjoy sitting in the sun room, where Geneva can move around and play with the train set while the older girls discuss and listen to our study. My mom bought us this great book God's Promise by Sally Michael. We read a portion of a chapter, discuss it, and pray about it together. Savannah is holding the box we made- it's a shoe box we decorated to look like a gift. This is where we put the verses (that Maddie writes out). The verses are God's promises to us and they are the best gifts possible. We've learned that some gifts are conditional, others are for everyone, and some gifts are just for believers. The best thing about God is that He never breaks, forgets, or lies about promises He makes. He always keeps them! We're so thankful that He never changes and loves His children with a special kind of love. 
The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.
Isaiah 40:8

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Library Reading Program

Our family just love reading together. We have stacks of books all over the house. Even Geneva yells at me to read to her. We've been reading the chapter series Sarah Plain and Tall, and are now starting the 4th book More Perfect Than the Moon. So, this summer we participated in several reading programs. Barnes and Noble gives children a free book when they log that they've read 8 books. So, Maddie now has a new book about ocean animals that she loves. Our local library also gives away little coupon books to kids that read 15 books. Now we have had fun getting "free" stuff this summer.
The kids get to place their shoe on the library window when they complete the program.
 One of our free coupons was used yesterday- breakfast at Bob Evans! 
The girls loved their chocolate chip piggie pancakes.
 We also got free ice cream at Shake Shack last night (yesterday was a very food-friendly day :)
Soon we're going to a water park and mini golf for free, too.
  For our family day, we went to Quantico to explore the Marine Corps Museum. 
It was pretty amazing.
  My lil soldiers. We left very thankful for the men and women that serve our country. As we drove away Maddie said, "I don't think I'm brave enough to be a Marine."

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Lazers Swim Team

Look at these cuties- here's the mini and little Lazers team.
Maddie and Savannah have been enjoying their swim lessons this summer.
Yvonne is such a great coach!
 I think Savannah might have been a little nervous before the kick board race- 
she's chewing the board!

 Yay! It's not called a lolly pop race for nothing!
Here's the whole team. Got to love it! 
Maddie didn't get to compete today since she has an ear infection. 
We're praying it goes away quickly, the poor girl is in pain.

Friday, July 10, 2015


 This week Maddie has gone to gymnastics camp! She really loved it.
Looks like we'll be spending more time here in the fall! It was a hit!
And the girls washed my car yesterday. 
It was so cute to watch them work really hard on making it sparkle!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Happy 4th!

Our 4th of July started out with a one year birthday party- so happy to celebrate Annemarie! 
She's such a sweet baby.
This yummy snack mix was a huge hit at our house. It's easy- mix pretzels, popcorn, and peanuts with some melted white chocolate. After it's coated, mix in m&m's and sprinkles. 
Sweet and salty.....yes please!
Miss Katie and G hit it off.
Since it was a rainy 4th, we moved the party inside. It was fun to have old and new friends alike!
Jesse is the grill master- even in the rain!
So thankful we have a sun room, where the kids all ate.
I love that Andrew is eating with binoculars!
 Since it dried up after dinner, we went for a tiny walk.
 I just love this crew- so much fun! The youngest was missing- Zoey at 8 months.
 Happy Independence Day! 
         After the first sparkler, Maddie lost all hesitancy. She loved starting the fireworks!
 Do you think we had enough dessert?!
Key lime pie, berry cobbler, cookies, mini cheesecakes, fruit pizza, and ice cream!
Thanks to the Calls and Boadys we had a ton of fireworks!
We had a BLAST in the cul de sac!
The girls wore their red, white, and blue dresses to church Sunday- thanks Auntie L!