Friday, March 30, 2018

Spring "Break"

Since we're ending school the last week of May, we continued doing school through this Spring Break week. We had a fun schedule with some school in the morning, a Spring cleaning job, and a fun activity each day.  
 We were thankful for warmer days and picnic lunches! Still needed our jackets!
 We tried out roller skating for the first time!
 Dentist appointments may not of been a highlight. Haha
 On a rainy afternoon, we painted.
 That evening we dyed Easter eggs. We tried a new design- we colored hot hard boiled eggs with crayons. The crayons melted and made a pretty swirl.

The girls made a cake that looks like a carrot garden with Peeps!
 Yard work! I made a few trips to Home Depot this week. One of my favorite things to do is be outside. This week I spent a couple days weeding, planting, and laying wood chips. Jesse power washed and worked so hard on the yard. He's quite a guy! He not only worked at the office, but worked his tail off in the yard.
There were some pretty competitive Hangman and Tic Tac Toe games. 
I didn't get any photos of it, but we've been doing those dozen Resurrection Eggs that countdown to Resurrection Day. It's been encouraging to set time aside to think about and talk with the kids about the sacrifice Jesus made so that we may be reconciled to Him. He lived a perfect life, which is the only acceptable sacrifice for our sin. He is such a loving and holy God- I thank Him for making a way for me to live at peace on earth and for all eternity with Him. Oh glorious day!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

All in a Week...

 Last week Jesse was teaching pastor's in Haiti. 
He loved his time there and the ministry in that country. 
 Here at home we had a tree taken down. It's so amazing to see how the men climb the tree and cut it down in smaller pieces from the top. 
 We had a wonderful snow day! The girls enjoyed maple syrup on their snow :)

 Maddie participated in a Geography Fair. She studied Argentina, wrote a report, made this poster board, and memorized a presentation for the judges. 
She got awarded 4th place! Yay! She worked really hard and overcame her fear of speaking to the judges. 
 Saturday was lumberjack day! We had some friends come help us split the entire oak tree!
 Hard at work!
 17 little kids ran around the yard! We were so thankful for beautiful weather!

 Hot dog grill master!

 Where did the wood go??? The guys made huge stacks of firewood near the house. We are so thankful for their friendship and help! What a fun day!

Friday, March 16, 2018

How Did Two Months Go By?!

I guess it has been about 2 months since I last blogged. Life always has its changes and seasons. This season seems to be quite busy with little down time. Thanks to Deb for asking, I'm posting some of the events from the last 2 months. God has been faithful through all the little ups and downs. Each day is filled with concerns, pressures, joys, and laughter. I was thinking today how grateful I am that God never changes. I may feel tired or overwhelmed or full of joy and thankful, but no matter how I feel, God is consistent. He's the perfect Father who is always listening and lavishly gives us grace. He's there and His love, forgiveness, and peace is real. 
We were given Frozen on Ice tickets for Valentine's Day...what a treat!!
 School, school, school!! These girls are certainly growing in all the subject areas. This part of my life keeps me very busy! It's fun and crazy teaching preschool, first and third grade this year.
The girls are LOVING piano lessons!!
 Stomach bugs. Both of these precious ones have had it each twice these last two months. 
 Reep the hamster went the way off all good pets. We sent her on a raft down the creek as Daddy read from The Chronicles of Narnia. So sweet! She is missed.
We had our kitchen re-done! The cabinets were literally falling apart, and the floor was too, so we started that project. We made a make shift kitchen/food preparation area in the dining room. It was an interesting way to live- kind of like camping!
Savannah had to go to the ER due to tripping and cutting her forehead on bricks.
She was a real trooper!
The kitchen re-model is done!! What a huge blessing. I love how it turned out.
It's so wonderful to cook and serve from that room :)
 We went to Bull Run for a field trip with the Jensen's!
 Grandpa and GiGi visited for Grandpa's birthday!!
 We went to Mount Vernon for a beautiful day!
    Grandpa gave engine lessons. Let's just say, I learned quite a bit, too!
We also went down to Old Town Alexandria.
We had a lovely brunch at the Leaches home. We are so glad they came to visit for the week!!

We love the Leaches.
We went to the Capitol Building to pay respects and remember Billy Graham. We enjoyed talking to the girls about living a life that shines forth Christ. That's the impact we want to make on this world. I'd rather people remember Jesus than people remember me. I'd rather have Jesus than anything this world affords today.
 And now Maddie and I are doing the Whole30 diet. We're on day 16 and holding fast! Maddie was so precious and asked to do it with me. I'm amazed at her perseverance and self-control to say no to all gluten, sugar, preservatives, and legumes (peanut butter)! We're eating no processed foods- just meat, fruits, and veggies. It's been a good exercise for me to see how much food plays a role in my life. I'm asking the Lord to help me be more self-controlled.  It's a lot of work- so much more cooking and so many more dishes to wash!! I do feel healthy, though.
More updates to you all!