Friday, October 28, 2016

A Week of Field Trips

This week both girls went on school field trips and I was able to be a driver for both classes. ICS is such a great school- we love the teachers, students, and curriculum here.
  Maddie's second grade class went to an old farm where there's a creek in the back that had TONS of fossils. The kids loved digging away to find the treasure they would take home.
 It was a hard choice. 
 Savannah's kindergarten class went to Frying Pan Farm where they learned about dairy cows and even got to milk (fake) one :)
 In the farm classroom we learned how much food and water (35 gallons a day) a dairy cow consumes and how much milk they produce (10 gallons a day). 
Such a sweet class of kids!
And Geneva and I took a "field trip" to Costco this week. I love spending my mornings with just her. After a run with friends, she and I shopped and had lunch as we drove to pick up Savannah from school.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Lately Around Here...

 ICS students have been working hard at Servathon. The school raised money and served the community over the last 2 weeks. Maddie's class cleaned up the grounds at a nearby park.
Last Friday night I took Maddie to her first "concert". We saw Lauren Daigle.
Girls night. Woot woot!
Maddie's sweet friend, Reagan (and my friend, Jen), met us there.
 They were so cute watching Lauren and taking pictures.

 Maddie's favorite song was Trust In You.
 A couple weekends ago, the girls and I met up with some friends at Great Falls.

 Ha! They were distracted people watching!
 So many little hikers :)
 We recently had the girls over from Maddie's class for a play date. 
They are a really sweet group of friends!
 I love each day with this one. She keeps me laughing!
 Savannah was thrilled to have Sparkie for the week. We baked pumpkin bread together. 
 I love how Michelle and I dress our kids alike without planning it (almost every Sunday :).
    Daddy's back on his bike and has a little helper in the back :)

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Play Time

 Here's Savannah and her friend Anne Carter in the Kindergarten outdoor learning area. I love that they get to learn hands-on in their kinderGARDEN. Savannah LOVES school!
 Our church is hosting a Bible Immersion crew. These students from around the world have come to study the Bible and serve intensely for 10 weeks. 
I love how serious they all are about wanting to walk with God and serve Him with their lives.
 One beautiful afternoon we picked up daddy early from work and headed to Green Springs. 
He was a good sport and played tag all dressed up!
 What a fun treat to be outside enjoying God's creation.
 This gentleman taught the girls a bit about photography :)
 Another day we had Alex and Christy come over for a puppy play date. 
She even went and played in the creek with our girls! 
 We had a girls Kindergarten play date yesterday. 
They made a fall snack mix, did an outdoor scavenger hunt, and just enjoyed playing!
 We went out to see Cinderella with a bunch of girlfriends. You can see the differences in personalities here. The younger girls chose their dress up dresses and Maddie wore her PJ's :)
 Look at this theatre in some one's house!! The moms had just as much fun as the kids!
 Little Princesses.
Now I'm ready for a nap :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday Geneva!!

Happy birthday to my full-of-personality little girl! Geneva Joy certainly does bring our family tons of joy. She keeps us laughing and on our toes! She figures things out fast, knows how to make a joke, and very much knows how to speak her mind! I love cuddles with this sweet girl. Geneva enjoys reading books, playing games, snacks, going for walks, and loves when her big sisters come home from school!
Thanks Papa and Mimi for the dress and Mini Mouse doll- she loves them!
 Geneva invited just a couple girls over to celebrate with a Mini Mouse birthday party. Small and simple is the way to go with little ones. 
  Family picture, thanks to Laura!
 Miss Penny made the most delicious and beautiful cookies for the party. 
 Hugs for Uncle David!
 Maddie and Savannah each picked out gifts for Geneva- truly things she would like. It was so sweet to see how excited they were to give them to her!
And she's three!