Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Resurrection Sunday

We had a wonderful day celebrating Christ's resurrection! Jesse preached from Revelation 3:20-22 which was about how Jesus initiates our salvation when standing at the door knocking. 
What an amazing God we serve.
 Thanks to Laura Leach, we got some family pictures.
 What a blessing to call these people my family.
 After church we went to the Leaches for an Easter egg hunt and dinner.

 Auntie "L" filled the big eggs with hair bows, chapstick, and nail polish!!
 Maggie was hoping that Geneva was in a sharing mood.
 Sweet sisters.
 Uncle David and Auntie "L" are our VA family- so thankful for them!

 Showtime! These girls entertained us a bit before dinner.
And dinner was delicious- thank you Leaches!
 Movie time.
We love little Maggie!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Saturday morning started with the traditional TeamMates egg hunt at Grandpa and Grandma Schuh's house.
Geneva was getting the hang of it, but quickly decided to swing rather than collect eggs!
Such a beautiful yard!
About 100 dozen eggs were hidden for all these kids!

I think she ate most of her chocolate!
Yay for big sisters!
We went home, got changed, and went to IBC's Easter Pageant. It was quite moving to watch the reenactment of Jesus' last days. He suffered so for us and paid the greatest price for our sins so that we can be eternally forgiven. What a precious Father we serve.   
 From the church we went to the Boady's house for another egg hunt and dinner.
         Love this crew of kids.
The spectators.
The players...

Resurrection rolls! After the rolls are cooked, the marshmallow melts away and they are empty, just like the tomb!
What a special day filled with the greatest reason to celebrate with dear friends that are really our family in Christ.

Monday, March 28, 2016


 I love this little princess! She sure loves to pretend. She has a sensitive personality, is so compassionate and giving. 
 I love this young lady! She is so responsible, loves family, and is such a kind big sister.
 Miss Penny had a picnic with the girls on one of our beautiful Spring days.
 The girls were looking forward to our family night. Just us. Just the BBQ for dinner and fire pit after. It was wonderful.

 The girls have loved pet sitting. Cotton is adorable.

The Cherry Blossoms have popped! 
Three little monkeys climbing in a tree!
The Cowles had us over for such a creative dinner. We got to choose a letter, and everything we ate started with that letter. The girls chose "P" for...pasta, pork, peanuts, pickles, and potatoes. They have red and blue tongues from the ring pops!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Little Green, Oreos, and a Hammock

 Here we are learning about the phases of the moon- of course we used Oreos to help with the kinesthetic learning style (aka tummy learning style :)
 For St. Pat's Day we had green pancakes, 
 talked about the Trinity, 
 and who Patrick really was...quite an interesting story!
 Miss Penny went on quite a fun walk with the girls!
 Look- we're taking care of a hamster for some friends on vacation!!
 We've been enjoying reading outside this week- the girls love the hammock so much I have exactly gotten a chance to try it out!
Savannah waved the palm branches in church on Sunday.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Looks a Bit Like Spring to Me!

We've been loving the warmer weather this week! I think it has inspired me to switch out all the girls winter clothes for warmer weather clothes. Man, every time I do this I forget how many bins of clothes I have to carry up and down the stairs to change 3 little peoples ever-changing sizes. I'm so grateful for all the hand-me-down clothes we've received! It's such a gift not to have to buy all new clothes. I must say, Geneva has a TON of 3T dresses- that's what you get being the youngest of 3 girls!!
 We did some canvas painting this week.

The girls painted an ocean/sunset background on canvas. As we study the names of God in Bible time, we are writing them in black pen over the painting. So far, we have "I AM, Elohim (Strong Creator), El Shaddai (Almighty) written on our canvas. I love that we are getting to know and understand God more personally through looking at how He has revealed Himself to us. It's amazing to think of the significance of one's name- maybe past down in your family, maybe it has a special meaning, or maybe your parents just liked the name. I was named after my mother's babysitter since she had such a special impact on my mom. God has over 900 names! What a great God we serve!
 I made some anise almond biscotti. 
 They were so good!!
  We spent our lunches outside this week. 
We had several play dates and soaked in the sun with friends outside. 
 Geneva is growing up way too fast!
 The way we did school one day- ICE CREAM and reading on a picnic blanket!
 Miss Penny came over this week and made "soup pies" and played restaurant with the girls. 
Girls movie night!! Daddy was gone this week in Cali, so we had a few special girl-only activities.
Ballet ended this week for Savannah and Naomi- such cute friends.
So glad Grandma Young is here to join in the fun!
 Dinner and a movie at the Charles house was a blast!