Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fun times...

 Yup, that's Maddie sleeping on top of the playhouse in the basement. I might try sleeping there tomorrow night if Geneva keeps waking up at night :)
So these kids are pretty much adorable. I especially like Landon in the Snow White dress!
The kids were supposed to carve pumpkins, but the dad's actually did all the work! They even got to take out the drill- manly carving.  
I had a great night out with these two ladies recently. 
Creative work with fondant.
Cupcakes :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Grandpa and GiGi Visit

We had a long weekend of relaxing fun with Grandpa and GiGi. Grandpa and Ratso (his dog) rode out on the motorcycle and GiGi flew in to visit.
 Story time with the girls!
 Saturday was such a relaxing rainy day.
 Everyone curled up by the fire and watched Frozen- first time for the Grandparents!

Maddie was a little sick, but GiGi still cuddled with her.
 Kitchen help! Actually, the real kitchen help was Grandpa and GiGi- they made us so many delicious meals.

Maddie LOVED walking Ratso. We took quite a few walks while they visited. It was so great to be outside!
 Grandpa and Ratso packing up.
We were all sad to see them leave.
Thanks for coming to visit us!! 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Geneva's First Birthday!

Happy Birthday sweet Geneva! 
Maddie and Savannah have been so excited to celebrate their little sister.
We had Geneva's favorite breakfast- eggs and fruit.
Thanks to Aunt Melissa and Aunt Jennifer for the farm! Neva loves chewing on the farmer's head!
Great Grandpa and Grandma sent Geneva some fun books with a cat that talks along with it.
Neva is weighing in at 21 pounds and is 30 inches long. She loves her lovie dog blanket.
Maddie and Savannah wanted to get Geneva her own stuffed animal puppy for her birthday, so we went with that theme for the whole paw-ty!
Thanks Mimi and Papa for this fun dress!

We love our baby!

Dig in Savannah!
It was fun coming up with all the labels for our food!
Kibbles and bits: Reese's cereal and pretzels
Puppy chow: Nuts, craisins, and seeds
Chew sticks: mozzarella, tomato, and basil with a balsamic reduction sauce
Sign on the bathroom :)

Miss Penny came to celebrate!

Auntie L and Uncle David also came for the fun night!
Jesse grilled bacon wrapped asparagus and steaks. We also served "doggie biscuits" 
(buttermilk biscuits) and salad. first animal cookie!
We played pin the birthday hat on the puppy!
Even Uncle David joined in!
Then the girls had to find 10 hidden dogs around the house.
Geneva looked around, too!

Fun times!

Chow down. Neva loves her steak!
Funny photos...

     The girls loved playing with the puppy balloons. 
  Jesse is such a great dad. 
 Big one year old!

The girls were so thrilled to give Geneva "Yodeler".
Thanks Miss Penny for the doggie bone, G's, #1, and puppy cookies!
 Thanks Auntie L for the delicious "pup cakes"!

 Geneva Joy really got into eating her first sweet!

 Papa and Mimi skyped to see her dig in.
 Yea! Thanks everyone for making this such a special day!
(Sorry for all the pictures- I just hope that our far away family now feels a little bit apart of our life!)