Tuesday, February 28, 2017


So the day after I got back from AZ, we packed bags again and all headed two and a half hours away for some family time. About a month ago we "won" a free 2 nights at this time share. Of course we had to listen to someone (for 2 1/2 hours) trying HARD to sell us a time share, but we didn't budge. 
 So happy to be home with this guy!
 And these girls.
We did a couple hikes. We just love being outside!
 And we went to the indoor water park.
 My little mermaid
 And little fish
 One night we had dinner at the base of the ski slopes. The girls loved watching the skiers. 
It was the first time they've ever seen that!
 And the last day the little ones rode ponies.
We were thankful for this little getaway. We treasure time together and good conversations. 
Now Jesse is back in CA for Shepherd's Conference. I'm so glad he's able to go with a large group of men fro ur church- it's always a very edifying week for the guys. Seems like some one's always coming or going these days :)

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Arizona Trip

A few days ago I returned from a quick trip to visit my sister and her family in Arizona. It had been over a year since we've seen each other. It certainly was wonderful to be in her home and visit over a few days. 
 Emma was so good at putting together Legos.
 Sunday was wonderful- we went to their church, which had a great message about the gospel, then had lunch and relaxed. After that we walked the mall and went to Oregano's for dinner. 
 Monday we went on a hike.
 I was able to meet the James friends as we spent the day hiking, picnicking, and going out for shave ice!
 It was so great to feel the warm sun on my skin and see this beautiful view from the top!!
These kids did great!
I love this sweet family.
Tuesday we had a girls morning with shopping and eating. My friend Michelle actually flew out to AZ with me to meet up with her friend that goes to my sister's church. What a small world, right?! 
It was so special to have extra time with my sister. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

 Well my Valentine's Day was pretty special. I was able to hang out with this little cupid :)
Geneva and I cooked a meal for friends in the morning. She's a good sous chef!
We had a heart shaped meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and asparagus for dinner. Then we played games, like most Tuesday night. So thankful for the love of this family. We are constantly reminded what true love is- forgiveness and sacrifice. We see that perfect example in Christ, and are thankful beyond measure to live in His grace. That's the only way we can share that kind of love with one another.

Monday, February 13, 2017

More Cali

We had to hit up In N Out before leaving. It's just so good.
We had some sweet time with Abby.
 Maddie and Abby have been like sisters since they were 3. They have the dearest relationship. 
I'm so thankful for it. They've started being pen pals :)
 And one last stop before the airport :)

Saturday, February 11, 2017

More Cali

 One of the highlights from our visit was going to church. We love Grace Community- the history of faithful preaching, the ways we've been taught from God's Word, and the long list of people who have input in our lives makes that place feel like home.
This month marks MacArthur's 48th year as pastor here. He also announced that Grace is completely debt free this month. It's exciting to see how this body of believers have faithfully given and serve to make this church what it is. Maddie's 2nd grade Sunday school teacher was the same as when I was in second grade. So many people faithfully serve year after year!
 We loved getting to know the Jones family on this trip. Finny and Maddie became sweet friends.
 I'm pretty sure if we came to Grace every week one of my kids would end up in the fountain. 
I'll let you take a guess as to who would take the plunge first :)
 We got in a little Malibu time as a family.
 Geneva loved digging while the guys took a stroll down the beach.
Getting wet in February.
So that's a big crab!
 Of course, they had to get COVERED in sand!
I just love the beauty here.
 We ended up going to Malibu Farm for dinner.
 Love these people so much!
 What a silly bunch!
 I'm so thankful for our time together.
     I miss the days when my mom and I would just head to the beach for a little visit. It doesn't really matter what time of year or day- the beach with family is always a good idea.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Zoo and The Master's University

 We had a great day at the LA Zoo!
 It was fun meeting up with the Charles family (who we know from DC and moved to LA) at the zoo.
 After spending a day at the zoo, we went to the Master's University for an alumni get together.
Jesse was up there earlier in the week for board meetings and was able to see the grand opening of the bookstore. 
I love the guys faces!
I think I want this flooring put in all over my house. It's beautiful! 
We also met some sweet friends while there.
All the girls had a blast on the bounce houses and getting their faces painted at the alumni dinner.
Another night we had friends over for pizza and games. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Horse Back Riding in CA

Here are the kids at the end of the flights to CA (it was 3am VA time).
The kids were troopers, but ready to be at Papa and Mimi's house!
The next day we went horse back riding at one of my mom's friend's house.
Miss Janet was so kind to let us ride her horses and even set out a scavenger hunt for each person! 
  Each person had a bag filled with trail mix, markers, and horse coloring books.
We met some new friends (the Jones family) and these two cuties hit it off!


What a fun way to start off our CA trip!