Tuesday, February 28, 2017


So the day after I got back from AZ, we packed bags again and all headed two and a half hours away for some family time. About a month ago we "won" a free 2 nights at this time share. Of course we had to listen to someone (for 2 1/2 hours) trying HARD to sell us a time share, but we didn't budge. 
 So happy to be home with this guy!
 And these girls.
We did a couple hikes. We just love being outside!
 And we went to the indoor water park.
 My little mermaid
 And little fish
 One night we had dinner at the base of the ski slopes. The girls loved watching the skiers. 
It was the first time they've ever seen that!
 And the last day the little ones rode ponies.
We were thankful for this little getaway. We treasure time together and good conversations. 
Now Jesse is back in CA for Shepherd's Conference. I'm so glad he's able to go with a large group of men fro ur church- it's always a very edifying week for the guys. Seems like some one's always coming or going these days :)

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