Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patty's Day!

 We started off our morning with a brisk walk with the Pinkley's to Green Spring Park. The flowers are starting to bloom!
 These little lassies enjoyed a treat from Starbucks.
The girls were thrilled to find flowers in our yard that we could pick, but no four leaf clovers!
It's been so nice out lately- we even flown a kite!
 Look at these leprechauns! 
I love Geneva's soul patch!
We had green eggs and ham and shamrock pancakes for dinner with Michelle and the kids. 
What a fun day!

Sweet Times with Kellie

Last week Jesse flew to India and the same day my dear friend Kellie came to visit! We actually met when we were four years old at family camp (so our mothers tell us!). We became better friends in HS and even roommates in college. Kellie is one of those rare friends where you can have great laughter, deep conversations about the Lord, honesty about how we're doing personally, decorate a room, and cook (all at the same time- maybe not ALL at the same time, but close!). It was a blessing to me to have her stay with us while Jesse was gone. She was so helpful and fun to have around. I'm encouraged by her deep love for the Lord. She is a true friend that I'm so thankful God has blessed me with.
We spent one day in Old Town Alexandria just having fun. 
It was the most beautiful day we've had in a while- lots of sun!!
The girls love Kellie, too! 
Maddie asked to read several books to her and both wanted to cuddle right up!

The next day we walked some of the National Mall.
  Savannah and Kellie became buddies! 
That night we had a girls night watching Finding Nemo.
Saturday we went to the Natural History Museum with the Boadys. 
The kids are too cute.
Group picture with the elephant!

After that, we stopped in for a treat from the Swiss Bakery.
Look at my rings, mom!
 On our way to church! 
Thanks Maddie for taking the great picture!
 Cute people.
 After church we made crepes!

Thanks for coming to visit, Kellie! You are a faithful friend.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Neighborhood Winter Olympics

Last week we had 4 snow days!! This just happened to be while Jesse was away in sunny Cali for Shepherd's Conference. We actually had an amazing time with our neighborhood one day celebrating Timo's birthday. The White's put together a neighborhood Winter Olympics within 24 hours! 
 Here's the kids lining up finding out what team they are on. Flags and all!
 Rosa and Savannah were happy to be on the same team!
 Tessa. Got to love Tessa. She was one of the judges.
 Can you just hear the music as the athletes walk into the cul de sac?!
 Sisters watching the events together from the porch. 
Lucy ran the circle with a torch!
Can you see that each kid has a bib on the back of their coats? 
They had a flag, name, and number printed out!
Here's Maddie doing the sledding event. 
There was also tobogganing and snow boarding and others that I missed.
After the games ended, the kids roasted marshmallows from the Olympic flame! 
(Our fire pit :)
There were even medals awarded to some of the kids! Savannah and Maddie won for the dual toboggan race. They wore their medals for two days straight!!
 While Daddy was away we had lots of fun girl time. 
  Sweet Geneva had the stomach bug that week, too. I was doing my exercises in the basement and she cuddled up and fell asleep on the couch for 3 hours!!