Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First Day of First Grade

My little peanut is a first grader! 
 Look at that uniform :)
 This page is a cute print out all about Maddie.
 Excited to go to class! Mrs. Ries and Mrs. Pannel are are great teachers.
 Daddy was able to pray in the opening chapel this morning- sure is special to have Daddy working at the same place you go to school!
 Not too excited about another picture!
 Savannah, Geneva and me had a fun day together. We started some preschool!

Learning the letter "S"
We reviewed colors, read a few books, did a craft, and made this recipe...
We had a little first day of school party for Maddie when she got home. Yummy rice crispy treats with white chocolate drizzle and sprinkles. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Maddie Date

We have a tradition (2 years strong) that I take Maddie on a date before school starts. This is time set aside for us to talk about several things.
 We went to Hidden Oaks Nature Center! It was interesting to learn about what snakes are poisonous and safe here in Fairfax. We saw turtles, frogs, and monarch butterflies that had hatched.
 We did some exploring and posing along the walk :0
Life is funny with this girl!
What date shouldn't finish up at Menchies?! Yummy.
Maddie is ready for first grade. She's a little nervous about leaving me and her sisters, but I know she'll do great. I'm going to miss her!!

Fun at the Drums...

We had a great time with the Drums and Pinkards on Saturday!

Savannah fell asleep looking out the back of the boat!

Frying Pan Farm

 We had a great time visiting Frying Pan Farm with the TeamMates ABF last week.

 Tractor Ride!

A few days last week were rainy, so the girls had fun jumping and getting wet!
This fawn and her momma have been coming to our yard pretty often lately.
 My silly girls. They love chasing each other around the house!
 Geneva is big into standing and pointing her finger! 
Such a happy baby!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Aunt Dottie Turns 102 Years Old!!

Happy Birthday Aunt Dottie! 
 What an amazing lady she is! She still lives on her own, walks to the store (and comparison shops for the best price), and does the crossword puzzle every day.
 It was so fun to see her light up being with the kids.
 Aunt Jennifer and Uncle Kenny were so kind to let us stay in their house while they went on vacation last week. We were glad we got to see them for the afternoon!
 Geneva really wanted to pet Sammy, but Sammy's not into little kids.
Yipee! We had a great trip and made it home safe. Everyone did great on the drive.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Farm and Beach

In CA some people ski and surf in one day, well in Massachusetts we go to the farm and beach in the same day.
 It was a beautiful day at the farm.
 Mimi flew into MA, so we had two days with her!
 The farm not only had animals, produce growing, yummy donuts, but also a pond!

After our morning at the farm, we picked up AD and headed to a beach in New Hampshire. 
There was a fun kid's concert at the beach. The girls got to play the drums on stage.

 And a dance party!
 We enjoyed fried clams and pizza during the concert :)

 Then we had a quick stop playing in the water. 
 Yes, the girls got their clothes completely wet!
What a fun day!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Aunt Dottie's for Breakfast

 What a sweet aunt she is! She set her alarm to wake up early so she could prepare breakfast for us at her apartment.
 The whole gang eating :)
After breakfast, we went candle pin bowling. 

  Savannah was able to get her ball down the lane in a straight line with this help!
 I love Maddie's form!

That night we made dinner for AD and did nails.
Since it was raining, the kids (yes, all 3 kids in the pic) got in their suits and played tag outside. They came in with leaves sticking to their heads. Such goofy characters!