Tuesday, July 29, 2014

While Daddy is Away...

The girls don't love it when Daddy has to go away, but we always try to make it a fun girls time.
 We had a picnic and gardened Friday. 
The girls had never watched Lion King, so we had a slumber party and movie night :)
 Saturday we had fun taking a walk, eating Pop Rocks, and hanging out with Miss Joelle.
 Maddie was a big help.
 We had some pool time.
The girls even got a treat :)
Maddie started VBS this week and loves it! The theme is God id My Superhero. Here's God's Girl (aka Miss Penny) with her superpower- the Bible!

We made these cute masks for a craft project. Daddy was surprised to find a squirrel and raccoon in the car when we picked him up from the airport! So happy to have him home :) 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Nine Months

 Yes, Geneva is a little over 9 months. She's growing so fast! As you can see, she's crawling. Time to put up the baby gates.
 This sweet baby sleeps from about 8pm-6:30am (when not sick or teething :) and takes 2 naps during the day.
 Her nickname is "Neva" (that's what Savannah has always called her).
 Geneva Joy weighs in at 19 pounds and is 27 inches. 
 Always on the go! I've been vacuuming more, or at least I should be. She finds any small piece of food or toy and puts it right in her mouth. Her favorite foods are pears, zucchini, sweet potato, and Cheerios.
We are so blessed by this sweet baby.
Maddie and Savannah are wonderful big sisters and play with her so well.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Grill and Chill

 Look at this cool water blob that Debbie made! 
It was so fun to "float", jump, and bounce on the water blob.
 Mr. Upchurch loves playing with babies!
  Thanks Debbie for a delicious dinner!
 We had some fun activities after dinner.
The kids caught lightening bugs, blew bubbles, and played in the grass. So thankful for this group of friends!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Rainbow Birthday Party

On Monday we celebrated Maddie's 6th birthday with a Rainbow Party (per her request). She wanted to tie dye shirts with her girl friends, so that's what we did!
Rainbow streamers and balloons were the main decorations :)
Party time.
Rainbow fruit kabobs.
Thanks to Mrs. Jones, we had some amazing face painting!

Miss Penny was a great help with tie dying and holding Geneva.
More cuteness.
And more cuteness.
Let the messy tie dye begin!
 Rainbow snacks.
The kids had a blast with rainbow tag. The person "it" calls a color, those with that color must run to the other side without getting tagged. You could also call "rainbow", then everyone must run!

"Happy Birthday to you..."
Blow out the candles!
Time to eat rainbow cake!

Then we played a rainbow scavenger hunt.
They ended with a rainbow pinata. 
Get your goodies!
Sweet sisters.

Maddie loves her new jewelry box. Thanks Auntie "L" and Uncle David!
   All her gifts were a hit- lots of crafts, Legos, and books! Thanks everyone :)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Going Home

We weren't really excited to leave Mimi and Papa's. The girls always have a hard time saying goodbye. I don't think Papa and Mimi like it much, either. Tears at the airport aren't fun, especially when it's your birthday! Yup, we flew home on Maddie's 6th birthday.
The stroller had a few things hanging from it as we walked through the airport.

Thanks Mimi for the lolly pops! They took a looong time to eat :)
All 3 girls did great on the flight. Geneva napped a little in Daddy's arms. Jesse had a free seat by him, so she even got to lay down!
 There was a beautiful sunset as we came into D.C.
 Waiting for Mr. White to pick us up!
 When we got home, Miss Penny surprised us by decorating the house for Maddie's birthday! There were streamers, balloons, banners, party hats, cupcakes, and even dinner in our house!
 This girl was pretty thrilled.
 We got in the party spirit!
 It was good to be home.
 Thanks to all the family for sending Maddie fun gifts!
 Silly girl.
   We love you Maddie and are so thankful God has blessed us with you these past 6 years!