Thursday, July 24, 2014

Going Home

We weren't really excited to leave Mimi and Papa's. The girls always have a hard time saying goodbye. I don't think Papa and Mimi like it much, either. Tears at the airport aren't fun, especially when it's your birthday! Yup, we flew home on Maddie's 6th birthday.
The stroller had a few things hanging from it as we walked through the airport.

Thanks Mimi for the lolly pops! They took a looong time to eat :)
All 3 girls did great on the flight. Geneva napped a little in Daddy's arms. Jesse had a free seat by him, so she even got to lay down!
 There was a beautiful sunset as we came into D.C.
 Waiting for Mr. White to pick us up!
 When we got home, Miss Penny surprised us by decorating the house for Maddie's birthday! There were streamers, balloons, banners, party hats, cupcakes, and even dinner in our house!
 This girl was pretty thrilled.
 We got in the party spirit!
 It was good to be home.
 Thanks to all the family for sending Maddie fun gifts!
 Silly girl.
   We love you Maddie and are so thankful God has blessed us with you these past 6 years!

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