Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Santa Barbara

One day Jesse, my sister, the 4 older cousins, and I drove to Santa Barbara. 
My mom and dad were kind enough to stay with Geneva (she had a fever that day).
 Cuties. Thanks Aunt Dottie for Maddie's new outfit- she loves it!
Not everyone liked tacos, so muffins and bagels came in handy.
Melissa and her girls.

 Waiting for the train...
 There were so many different water sports taking place in the harbor!

 After walking around most of the day, we went to Padaros for dinner. 
 It's a great place to eat outside and the kids can play in a huge sandbox.
 The next day my sweet friend Kellie came over and met Geneva. 
We've been friends since we were in High School!
  We were sad to see Melissa, Charis, and Emma leave; so the girls tried to all fit in the trunk!

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