Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Slumber Party with Mimi!

Having my mom here for 3 weeks has been a real treat. We've all become accustomed to having her live with us! She has been extremely helpful with getting Maddie ready for school, doing errands, cooking, laundry, and just loving on us! I've been able to care for Geneva well and get some extra rest. It's been fun to share life and enjoy the kids together. 
Thanks Dad for loaning your wife to us for so long :)
 Geneva has had lots of slumber parties with Mimi- right in her arms!
 So sweet.
 The big girls have been begging to have a slumber party with Mimi, too! They thought it would be fun to stay in the basement bedroom with her. My mom, of course, made it into a really special occasion and got treats and games for each of the girls. First, Maddie spent the night down there and they played Sequence.
The next night was Savannah's turn and Mimi bought her a little Hello Kitty book with tiny figurines- just up Savannah's alley! She has played non-stop with them! Savannah also talked to Mimi until 10pm!! She's my little night owl :)
Both girls were so thrilled to have alone time with Mimi!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Few Firsts

 We took a day trip to Frederick with my parents. Geneva loved our family outing, oh wait, she slept through most of it! 
We ate at Family Time- great breakfast.
 The big girls played at the park.
And then we walked the canals. 
 The neighborhood kids have created a "hobo house" (Maddie came home calling it a "Lobo house"- you know her Daddy went to UNM :). They have made mud pies, and done yard work to fix up the place. 
 Naps with Daddy on the floor.
 One of our FBI friends gave her this cute onsie!
 Geneva started to fall asleep in her first bath! Funny girl. Her personality is that relaxed!
 Bath time cuddles.
 Three girls snuggling on the couch.
First Sunday going to church!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Show and Tell

Maddie has show and tell every Wednesday at school. The rules for show and tell is that the item has to fit in your school bag. Each child has a day a week to share their item and the class can ask 3 questions about it. Well, last night Maddie asked if Geneva could be her show and tell! She's a proud sister! The teacher said it would be OK for us to bring Geneva in (since she didn't fit in Maddie's school bag :).
 We had a great time watching Maddie show off her little sister. 
 The kids asked, "What does she feel like?" 
Maddie said, "Soft and warm." It was funny to hear the kids think of questions to ask. 

Monday, October 14, 2013


This past weekend I felt very blessed by my family. My Aunt Jennifer and Mom and Dad were extremely helpful with the kids, cooked, cleaned up, and even did some sewing! 
I was able to focus on Geneva and enjoy their company. 
 When it stopped raining, we had scooter races!
 Aunt Dottie loved watching Geneva.
 Somebody was playing a trick on me with the toy mouse!
 Geneva's first outing was for dessert in Old Town Alexandria. 
 She's a little night owl!
 Mimi and Geneva enjoyed playing on the floor.
 Morning cuddles.
 Thanks Aunt Jennifer for coming to meet me!
Four generations of ladies!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Family Time!

This week Papa, Mimi, Aunt Jennifer and Aunt Dottie came to town! 
We're enjoying a full house of helpers :)
 They love their little girls...Geneva is the 5th granddaughter!
 Savannah loves entertaining her little sister! Fox mask, butterfly wings, wand, and flowers!
 Aunt Jennifer and Geneva, quite a cute pair!
 Aunt Dottie is 101 years old, Geneva 6 days...pretty amazing!
 The girls are loving their fox masks from Laura Leach. 
Papa is a great sport playing on the floor with the girls!
 "A Fly Went By" was my favorite book as a little girl. 
Aunt Jennifer read it to me over and over, and now she's getting to do it with my girls!
A rainy day is perfect for at least 4 rounds of Candy Land with Aunt Dottie!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Little More Geneva

Geneva has been settling in at home and meeting our friends! She is such a good baby!
 Maddie can't get enough of her sister!
 Auntie "L" and Uncle David came over to meet Geneva and brought us a delicious dinner! 
Savannah loves the Leaches!
 Elyssa and Geneva
 Hey Aunt Melissa, do you recognize this outfit?

 I love her huge yawns.
Waking up is hard work.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Welcome Geneva Joy Johnson!

We've added a member to our team! Geneva Joy was born Friday, October 4, 2013 at 6:08pm at Fairfax Hospital. She weighs 7 pounds, and is 20 inches long.
We're so happy to finally meet this precious baby!
 I was induced at 9:30am, labored for 8 1/2 hours, then gave birth to this little cutie. It's amazing how very minute of discomfort and pain is totally worth it for someone you love. I won't lie, this pregnancy has been hard, but I would still do it for this little girl. I love her so much.
 Daddy was thrilled to hold Geneva for the first time! He's sure got his hands full with ladies!
 So far, Geneva Joy has been a pretty mellow baby. She's slept a lot.
 The next morning our "big" girls and my mom came to the hospital meet Geneva.
The girls were full of questions and couldn't wait to hold their new little sister!
Maddie: "What tools did they use to get her out of you?"
Savannah: "Can we take her home?"
Maddie: "What's this?" (pointing at her umbilical cord)
Savannah: "Can I hold her?"
And many more questions!
 We were really thankful my mom came in town before Geneva arrived. Mimi loves her girls!
Thanks Mom for all your help!
 Madison and Savannah were able to dress Geneva for the first time- kinda like having a doll :)
 When Maddie was holding Geneva she said, " I feel all grown up."
So sweet. She really is a responsible girl. Today I mentioned how our entry way was dirty, and she took it upon herself to get the vacuum and clean that floor (without me even asking ).
 The Holley's came to the hospital and met little G.
 Here's the famous Daddy napping pose.
We were able to leave the hospital only 28 hours after delivery! So, we only spent one night there. This morning the girls were tickled to find Daddy, Mommy, and Geneva home. 
Daddy might not have been ready for the morning yet :)