Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lollipop Race

Maddie is taking swim lessons at our local pool. She AND Savannah were able to participate in their first swim meet last Saturday! The girls were thrilled to do the Lollipop kick board race! 

Maddie the Mini Lazer kicker!
Savannah had some help from Alyssa :)
Little Lazers and big Lazers!
 I love these cute sisters!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Creek and Green Springs

Even though we live in a super busy city, it's so nice that we have these (and other) beautiful places so close to home. 
Here's the creek that runs through our back yard. Yesterday some of the neighborhood kids wore their suits and swam.
Super fun!
 Last night we went for a walk at Green Springs. We enjoyed watching the turtles, seeing a deer, and the beautiful flowers. 
 Little Miss Savannah and her Mini Mouse scooter.
She's growing up way too fast!
 Jesse and his mom. We've been having a great time with Deb this week!
 "Daddy will you come tackle me?"

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fun Times with Grandma

 On Saturday we went to DC's oldest public market. Eastern Market had an outside flea market (where the girls tried on these cute hats). Then we went inside for the Market Lunch. We had soft shell crab, blueberry pancakes, and a shrimp sandwich. Yum!
 On Monday (Daddy's day off), we went to Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens for the morning. Grandma sat between both car seats and played fairies with Savannah on the way there!
 Grandma and Maddie in front of the water lilies. 
 Savannah and her Daddy. 
Pretty pink lilies.
 We fed the fish some little specks of food.
My little adventurer.
Jesse was pretty excited to purchase a Passport to the National Parks from the park ranger. This little "passport" book will travel with us as we visit National Parks in the US. We thought this would be a fun way to keep track where Team Johnson takes family trips! The girls were able to make the first stamp in the book.
Maddie loves her Glider bike! Last week she mastered coming down our hill gliding the whole way! I think she's ready to take the training wheels off her other bike.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Grandma's in Town and a Visit with the Leaches All in One Day!

We had a pretty exciting day on Friday when Grandma came into town and we went to the Leaches for dinner. 
 The girls LOVE Maggie!
 After a delicious dinner, we played outside. Laura took these beautiful pictures of the girls.

 Poor Daddy- sometimes he's a trampoline!

That night the girls loved cuddling with Grandma during story time.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Water Play Day!

We've been having fun so far this summer! The ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship) I go to on Sunday mornings is geared towards young families. We have gone through a parenting series, marriage series, and now we're studying 1 Peter. It's great to be taught the Word together and make friendships with each other. We have play dates a few times a month, and this past week we had one at the Clark's home. 

 There were several baby pools, sand tables, and sprinklers set up. The kids LOVED it!
  Cute friends!
Girl talk around the picnic table :)
Lunch time!
 For many of these kids, it was their first time throwing water balloons!!
They caught on pretty fast. 
The kids also played a fun game by carrying a cup of water on their heads to fill a jar. 
This was a great way to start off the summer!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

It's Summer Time...

Jesse started taking the girls to Home Depot kids project days. They're the first Saturday of each month. In May the girls made these cute flower pots. The plants are growing nicely on our back porch.
Today the girls went and saw the Pinkleys, too. Today's project was a lawn mower pencil holder. Each time they complete a project, they get to add a button to their workshop apron...so cute!
 When it's too warm to keep playing outside, the girls love to color. Sometimes Savannah picks the strangest places to do her art work!
 We joined our local pool again. The girls are thrilled about playing in the water. As you can see, Jesse is not as excited. The pool is pretty cold.
 Tessa is one of our next door neighbor friends.
 She and Maddie are kinda goofy together!