Saturday, January 30, 2016

We had a rare sighting this week...a blue heron by the creek in the snow!
 Not such a rare sighting- my girls at the creek!
 I love her personality!

Sweet ballerinas!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Lots of fun with friends...

These snow days sure are full of fun! We've had a great time with friends lately.
The Boadys and Standridges came over Monday for sledding, games, and dinner. 
They helped us unload the trampoline- it was sagging down from all the snow!
These 3 have been sleeping well at night!
Geneva has no fear!
 The Goods and Edwards came over today for fun on the hill.

 Savannah caught a free ride up!
 How many can fit in one saucer?!

  This is Olaf, and he likes warm hugs :)
 Last night we went to the Pinkleys for Grill and Chill- it was a great time of fellowship. 
Dale grilled in the snow!
 Love this table of cute kids.
We're thankful for this crew- all people who attend IBC and live near each other. We get together once month for dinner.

Sunday, January 24, 2016


 Jesse shoveled us out this morning and we headed over to the Pinkstons for brunch. 
We had a great time of fellowship!
 Savannah was super thrilled to bring Cubbie Bear.
 Geneva loves the snow!
 The roads were pretty clear, but the snow banks were pretty high.
 Here we are :)
Later in the afternoon we sledded with the Pinkleys and Charles. We had a blast!



Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Snow Keeps Coming...

 It was a little challenging for Geneva to walk in the snow- in some places it was higher than her!
 Cold baby.
 The girls had a blast playing outside!
 Jesse stuck the Walk for Life posters in front of our house in the snow drifts!
(Yesterday was Walk for Life in D.C.)
 Snowball fights, snowmen, eating snow, and snow forts!

 Our street has been plowed thankfully, but my car is behind the huge bank of snow!
 It tastes so good!
Fun times!
Now for hot chocolate with marshmallows and popcorn!
Our little inches ruler says about 20 inches!
Can you see Jesse blowing the neighbors driveway? He was excited to borrow the gas blower.
This afternoon we played games and the kids watched a movie.
A serious game of Backgammon. 
Here's what the back porch looks like, and it's still snowing! 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Friday, January 15, 2016

Back to School and Life

Homeschooling definitely has its challenges, but it also has even greater rewards. 
I love teaching this little girl, and am so thankful for the sweet notes I've been receiving lately.
(the spelling is my favorite).
Nice penmanship and spelling! It's encouraging to see improvements from the beginning of the year.
Geneva keeps telling me that she's a baby. She sure doesn't want to grow up!
Here she is in her baby doll stroller.
Daddy is playing "Go to the Dump"- a math game with the girls. 
Geneva was THRILLED with her new Frozen rug!
And they do this...
Ballet started for Savannah this week! 
She loves the class and doing it with 3 other friends from church.
This week was a bit sad because we had to say goodbye to our dear friends, the Calls. They came to IBC about the same time we moved here. Dennis is in the Army, so they are reporting to CO next. It's been a blessing to "do life" together- holidays, ladies nights out, family dinners, having babies, talking through Scripture and other books about our marriage and parenting. God has been really good in giving us friends like them. All of us are going to miss them!