Friday, January 8, 2016

More Memories

Since the weather was so warm over Christmas, the kids (and Papa and Mimi) had fun playing in the backyard. 
Silly cousins!
Aunt Melissa and Geneva watching the deer come through the yard!
We had an outside scavenger hunt!
 The kids got to ride the train at the mall, thanks to Papa and Mimi.
  Aw. Buddies.
 Since all the big girls had American Girl Dolls, we had an afternoon dress up and tea party.
The girls made thank you cards for the Christmas gifts they received. 
And Jesse got into the sticker by numbers, too :)  
We also decorated cupcakes!
Geneva just ate the icing- why put it on the cupcake first?!
Thanks Grandma for the new shirts- they are so soft!
Charis's turned out looking professional!

One afternoon we went to Old Town, did a little shopping, rode the trolley, and brought home fish and chips for dinner.
   Such a pretty place!

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