Thursday, March 28, 2013

We Are Blessed

The last couple of months I've "gone dark" because hyperemesis. Just to catch up those of you who still look at this blog, I was hospitalized for 4 days because I was so dehydrated from not being able to keep anything down. The doctors sent me home with a PICC line. This has helped tremendously. Staying hydrated helps incredibly with the nausea. I'm thankful to say that this week I've been able to get dressed (I know, that sounds like nothing), help with the kids a little, and be up much more of the day. Until the last 2 weeks, I was spending the entire day in bed. All this time my children have been wonderfully cared for. Jesse is the most amazing husband. Seriously. He cared for me tirelessly, loved and cared for the girls, and still managed to work with all the "extras" on his plate.  I'm so thankful to many people who have helped us out! We've had lots of meals delivered, neighbors and church friends help with the girls, and someone even sent their cleaning lady here to clean our home! We had sweet times with a friend from church who spent every Tuesday with us caring for the girls and me and doing our laundry. We are blessed. Jesse's dad recently retired, and spent the last 2 weeks helping us out. Homie was a huge help- making meals, taking the girls on adventures, and helping keep order here in the house. 
Here's a few pictures I've recently taken (all are inside our house since I haven't left in a while :):
Maddie enjoying watching the deer eat in our backyard.
Savannah and Maddie play a lot together. They have so much fun (most of the time :).
Here they are getting some fresh air sitting in the doorway.
  My little clown! Grandpa took Maddie to see the circus come to town! The circus came into town by train. The elephants, other animals, and performers paraded through the streets of DC to the Verizon Center.
 Grandpa also took the girls to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. They came back with stories and new t-shirts!
Grandpa read great bedtime stories!
 The last day Grandpa was here we woke up to a beautiful snow-covered yard!
 I sure hope to be out and about soon. I'm beginning to feel better and have more strength. Thank you for your prayers! 
We're excited to meet our newest addition and praying for safe development for this little one. I'm 3 months along and due October 3.