Monday, June 29, 2015

How I'm Most Refreshed

Generally this blog is about my kids so that grandparents and family can keep up with what we're doing. But today, I just wanted to share a little something about myself. As a mom with three little ones, I really have to seek out ways to be refreshed. Running after Geneva, answering 100 questions a day from Maddie and Savannah, solving sister disputes, cooking, cleaning, tutoring in reading, teaching a Bible study to the girls, and the list goes on on for my "to do" list. Yet, in the midst of all this I find great joy and contentment IF I am walking in the Spirit. Yes, this is conditional. Of course I love my girls and want to be with them, but if I try to accomplish all they need, others need, etc. in my own strength, this task can be overwhelming. I've been finding great joy in the Word. This is the best place to refresh one's soul, to find peace, forgiveness, and strength for what the day ahead may hold. I've been studying Revelation, which has been pretty convicting to me. I never want to loose my first love. There is such worship of the Holy One found in Revelation. Today in chapter 4, I loved seeing the angels praise God saying "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come. Worthy are you, our Lord and God to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things and by your will they existed and were created.” I hope this encourages you as well to find your hope and praise rooted in the character of God!

Friday, June 26, 2015


Well, IBC has a top notch VBS! My kids were thrilled to go every day to learn more about God, do exciting crafts, play with friends, eat yummy snacks, and sing great praise music!
 The church was completely decorated as the jungle! We went through a tent, while listening to jungle animal sounds!
 Can you believe this waterfall and lily pads?! We were so happy to have Rosa, our neighbor, join us at VBS. She and Savannah are "best buddies". 
 Miss Penny was one of the craft ladies.
 One of our friends got this cute face paint!
 Here's what they learned at VBS- God made the jungle, we ruined the jungle, He loves the jungle, so He saves the jungle, and He promises to never leave the jungle! What great truth.
 Here's the girls sporting one of their crafts. Little tigers!
Sweet friends!

Geneva loved coming to sing and dance. I'm adopted by the King was a favorite song!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Grill and Chill at the Cowles

We love our monthly get togethers with neighbors that go to IBC. The group has certainly grown!
Love the cute kids table.

 Summer time is the best! Sprinklers, suits, friends, and ice cream!
I guess we have a table dancer on our hands.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

More Fun with the Aunts..

 Aunt Dottie has never passed up a bowl of chocolate ice cream!
Aunt Dottie enjoyed seeing Debbie- they have a sweet friendship. We have spent a little time with Debbie's mom in previous visits. 

 This little one raided a box of chocolates on Sunday afternoon- she's such a pixie. 
On Monday we made donuts- the girls loved dipping the chocolate sauce in sprinkles while Skyping with Papa and Mimi!

   Then we went to Old Town Alexandria. 
 Everyone (OK, maybe not dad), but everyone else enjoyed shopping at Lou Lou.
 We had a pretty view of D.C. from the pier.
After taking a trip to the library, the girls read and read!

 We sure miss you Aunt Jennifer! Thanks so much for your unselfish love for our family! 
It was a joy to have you both here. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Army Birthday Ball

Jesse and I were honored to be invited to the 240th Army Birthday Ball! We had a great time dressing up and spending the evening with friends.
My handsome date brought me flowers!

Here's the fun group we spent the night with. So thankful for these friends!

Dinner was really yummy.
 Happy Birthday to the Army!
There were speeches from the Secretary of the Army, music from the Army Band, a tribute to the fallen, and lots of dancing after the program.

    Thanks Dennis for inviting us!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Aunt Dottie and Aunt Jennifer

We've had the privilege of our aunts visiting this past week! Aunt Dottie (a spry 102 years old) and Aunt Jennifer came from Boston for a little vacation.
Aunt Dottie brought the girls lolly pops and Aunt Jennifer brought me a Boston Starbucks mug- 
they're always so thoughtful!
Aunt Dottie wanted to take the girls to Target to get them each a dress. The history of dress buying goes way back- she's done this for my mom and my Aunt Jennifer!
The girls LOVED their new dresses! 
They have become the summer uniform- they want to wear them every day!
Thank you Aunt Dottie.
This little one got tired out with all the attention!
Thanks to Aunt Jennifer, the girls love their new Frozen cups!
They played a very confusing game of Candy Land.
Aunt Dottie enjoyed reading stories to Savannah.
Saturday we went to the pool for a while.
Aunt Dottie watched poolside (and napped).
After that we enjoyed Menchies frozen yogurt!
Girls movie night!!
"Mom, I love the fairy movies."

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Summer Time!

It's officially here at the Johnson's- school is out, pool is open, and now our aunt are visiting!
 Geneva learned to lay out at the pool early!
 Well, she had some good teachers.
 The girls are apart of the Lazers swim team.
 Having fun learning to swim!
 Maddie and her twin Tessa taking a pencil jump off the diving board.
 Last day of school pics.
We had a great time celebrating with the Baxters at Menchies!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Class Swim Party

These cute girls were ready for the first grade pool party!

 First and second grade classes went to our pool for a party on Tuesday- we had a great time.