Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Aunt Dottie and Aunt Jennifer

We've had the privilege of our aunts visiting this past week! Aunt Dottie (a spry 102 years old) and Aunt Jennifer came from Boston for a little vacation.
Aunt Dottie brought the girls lolly pops and Aunt Jennifer brought me a Boston Starbucks mug- 
they're always so thoughtful!
Aunt Dottie wanted to take the girls to Target to get them each a dress. The history of dress buying goes way back- she's done this for my mom and my Aunt Jennifer!
The girls LOVED their new dresses! 
They have become the summer uniform- they want to wear them every day!
Thank you Aunt Dottie.
This little one got tired out with all the attention!
Thanks to Aunt Jennifer, the girls love their new Frozen cups!
They played a very confusing game of Candy Land.
Aunt Dottie enjoyed reading stories to Savannah.
Saturday we went to the pool for a while.
Aunt Dottie watched poolside (and napped).
After that we enjoyed Menchies frozen yogurt!
Girls movie night!!
"Mom, I love the fairy movies."

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Ferko said...

Awww, so sweet the time you get with Aunt Dottie!!! So precious!