Friday, August 28, 2015

Last Days of Vaca

 Massive french toast!
 Enough pancakes for 3 little girls!
 And more carbs :) 
We had a really sweet tea together. Papa and Mimi brought back Paddington Bear and Peter Rabbit tea themed things from their recent trip to England.
 More pool time with my honeys. 
 Sweet girl.
As always, it was hard saying goodbye. We love you Papa and Mimi! 
Thank you for loving us like you do. We miss you.
 We had some tired girls on our layover!
 Mimi gave the girls lolly pops for the airplane- what a treat while watching a movie!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Water Play

Like most kids, mine LOVE being in the water- all day.
 We were so happy to have a play date with our dear friends, the Graumans. 
Abby and Maddie have been buddies since they were three.
 Lunch poolside is the best.
 Later that day we went to the beach. What a blast to dig in the sand, listen to the waves, and relax.
 I kinda got into playing with the kids!
 The beach always reminds me of God's vast love for us. His ways are unsearchable- just like the unknown places of the ocean. His forgiveness keeps coming without stop- just like the ocean waves. He is powerful- just like the ocean currents. He knows the number of grains of sand- just like He knows my own heart. What an amazing creator to make such a beautiful world, forgive us of our sin, and love us even though we're just a small little sinful creature! The beach puts me in my place!
 Funny people and I love them!
 Papa was a little shocked at the temperature of the water!
 Geneva loved everything about the beach.
None of us wanted to leave!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Photos in ABQ

Now I'm jumping back a bit. While we were in ABQ, Gale organized for us to get some family pictures taken of the 5 grandkids that were there. Here they are...



This is our cute nephew Rees. He and Geneva really liked finding bugs to stomp on during pictures :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Back in Cali

I'm not sure if I had all the suitcases in the house before Maddie and Savannah were in the pool! These girls are fish.
 Swimming with Mimi.
 Geneva had no fear- she just jumped in without a float. Several time we had to scoop her back out!
 Getting spoiled at Mimi's- movie and ice cream!!
 Geneva got into her Nutella and pancakes!
We were all excited to go to our old church- Grace Community. It was wonderful visiting with friends and hearing God's Word taught. I think Grace means so much to me because it's where I grew up- my parents instilled a love for the church and our lives were build around the people and life of the church. 
 Now she's a serious swimmer!
 Daddy's in town and we're having fun!

Monday, August 24, 2015


From Steamboat we drove to Denver.
 Jesse's Great Grandpa and Grandma were able to meet Geneva. 
We had lunch with several aunts and uncles as well.
 3 generations!
 Thanks Aunt Di and Uncle Mike for hosting us for a night! It was great seeing you.
From there Jesse flew back to VA for a couple days and I flew with the kids to CA. 
Geneva slept most of the flight and the big girls travel so well!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

More Fun In Steamboat

Playing tag at Grandma's was a huge hit- even Geneva tried covering her eyes and counting!
We also loved the hot springs pool. Each pool was a different temperature of natural spring water.
Grandma and the girls were little fish for hours!
We took a hike up Rabbit Ears Pass and the wildflowers were incredible!!

My sunshine.
They thought bunny ears would be funny on Rabbit Ears Pass!

That's the way to ride!

Grandma and Maddie counted 22 different wildflowers along the walk!
The littlest hiker!
Pretty view!
Savannah and Grandma.
Later that day we had a family adventure! All the tubing places were closed, but we still wanted to tube. So, we bought tubes at Walgreen's, filled them up, and went down stream! Let's just say that Savannah and Maddie both hit rocks and fell out of their tubes, and said they had never been so scared! Jesse and Savannah bailed out before Maddie and I. They hitch hiked back to our car and then drove up to the natural hot springs to meet Maddie and I. 
Deb and I enjoyed an afternoon talking, shopping, and drinking great coffee in downtown Steamboat while the kids napped. I think Deb knows everyone in town!!
The girls were pretty excited about their donuts.
Thanks Grandma for taking off work and spending the days enjoying the Boat with us!