Friday, August 21, 2015

Steamboat Springs...What a Beautiful Place!

The Yampa River runs through Steamboat. In the summer, people take tubes down it all the time (we ended doing that later in the week).
Across the river you can see water coming out of the rock- this is the place Steamboat got it's name. The water came out making a sound like a train.
 Grandma has an amazing garden that she both built and planted. It's gated to keep out the deer and bears and netted to keep out the grasshoppers.
We enjoyed yummy salads because of her hard work.
 Everyone enjoyed the old fashioned soda fountain in town!
 Jesse and his mom are so cute together. The botanical gardens were beautiful! 
 Grandma and Savannah with a rainbow in the background.
 The Steamboat library is the best library I've ever been to- it has a great children's area, teenage area, study rooms, and has beautiful artwork throughout.
 The girls were mesmerized by the aquarium before we checked out books.
 Grandma and Savannah did story time together. 
Then they made "seed babies".
Story time with new books before bed.
 Deb was so kind to put us up in a lovely townhouse. We had a kitchen and even a hot tub.
We were spoiled! 

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