Thursday, February 26, 2009

Getting Around the House!

We officially have a forward crawler! Maddie has been scooting backwards for some time now, but the forward movement has been a bit more challenging. I find her in the funniest places these days! Apparently she has good taste in magazines...Real Simple
This just might be her favorite spot! I keep finding her under the chair, and backed under the coffee table! It's so funny. We call it her garage- she just parks herself there! 


Madison has had a very yucky runny nose and raspy cough for the last week. I thought it was just a cold, but it just kept getting worse (more and more green stuff). So, I decided to take her to the doctor's to see if she had an infection (I'm not one of those people who likes going to the doctors). Dr. Sherman says she has really bad allergies! Poor girl. He wants me to start giving her 1/8 teaspoon of liquid Claritin in her bottle two times a day. She is usually such a good sleeper, but because her breathing has been so challenged and her nose so stuffy, she can only fall asleep in her car seat! I feel so bad- she just can't breathe lying down. 
Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas? Any mom's out there had to deal with baby allergies before? Thanks!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Seven Months

Here she is at seven months! Jesse and I can't believe how big (to us) she is! Madison continues to be a happy baby. As we thanked God for her tonight, we prayed for her salvation, health, and future husband (we know those days will be here before we know it). She is such a blessing.
She's filling the basket! 
At seven months, Mads is all about clapping her hands, waving, reaching for everyone/thing, drooling (more teeth on their way), and playing with toys. She also loves music (we dance together on special occasions :) Food is still not appealing to her, so she drinks about 8 ounces four times a day. 
This is a first! Trying to escape as Mom is taking pictures!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I just have to say- I love Valentine's Day. It's so much fun to celebrate! Jesse did remind me of the history behind this day, which is romantic and sobering at the same time. As some of you may know, there was an actual man named Valentino who was arrested for his faith in Christ. At that time in the Roman Empire, soldiers were forbidden to marry. The thought was that single men fought more valiantly (I buy that!) While being imprisoned he became well known for his faith. Some soldiers that wanted to be married would sneak to where he was chained and have him perform their marriages. In his last letter to his wife, before they beheaded him, he signed it. "Love always, Your Valentino". Hence, Valentine's Day! 
Despite the sadness that may come with that story, we celebrate the true meaning of love- Christ's love and our love for one another. Madison woke up that morning to a little surprise in her crib. It was so cute when she found the bear! 
Aunt Melissa bought this onsie that says, "All you need is love" before we even knew if Madison was a girl! It fit perfectly today! After a morning at home, we went to drop Madison off at the babysitters...Mimi and Papa's house. Madison had some gifts for them (and Daddy). I made "Maddie Money" by copying a dollar bill with a picture of Madison's face in the middle. Each dollar could be redeemed for a specific event (ie: picnic at the park. etc.). 
Madison loves waving and reaching for people now. 
All smiles and drool!
Clapping is a new achievement!
And very silly faces...

I laughed at this one! It looks like the opium from the tulips are getting to her!
I think Papa asked her to be his Valentine!
Then Jesse and I headed out for our date! He was so sweet and made reservations for us to go to tea at the Scarlet Tea Room in Pasadena. We had so much fun together! The food was really great, too. 
Thank you, Babes, for a thoughtful gift! I love you!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Aunt Dottie Makes Maddie Smile!

Aunt Dottie has spent the last two months with us in California, and we have made some amazing memories! Here are just a couple resent photos of she and Madison together. They have a special bond.
Aunt Dottie saw Maddie grow quite a bit. She watched her learn to sit up by herself, scoot backwards, rock on all fours, grow some hair, gain a tooth, change clothes sizes, and begin to eat baby food. AD enjoyed every moment- she watched both my mom and me go through these stages, too!
Always a smile with Aunt Dottie around.
Playing on the floor together.
Going to tea.

The toy in the background is one of Maddie's favorites, and guess who gave it to her? It sings and lights up- so entertaining!
Maddie needed a teething ring, so the place mat was a perfect substitute.
We miss you already Aunt Dottie, and can't wait to give you more hugs and kisses! Thank you for staying here so long!

Bubble Bath

This is Madison's first bubble bath...her faces were priceless! Along with the bubble beard.
Hmmm....I think these taste pretty good!
What do you think of my hat? Ooo, this washcloth tastes good, too.
I'm feeling sudsy clean.
How's my hair?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Gone the Seventh Weekend in a Row!

We hit the road, yet again, for another weekend away. This time it was just for hanging out with friends. We had a beautiful 5 hour drive up to Shaver Lake. 
We met up with the Bussells and a few other friends. Madison and Elijah were buddies from the beginning. Jessica and I just hung out in the house all day, talking about being mommies, while the guys went skiing. I guess it was an amazing powder day- so glad Jesse had a chance to just play!
The next day we went on a little family walk (the house we stayed in is in the background). 
I love all her funny faces when we go for a walk- she enjoys getting bounced. She's started "talking" up a storm when she's is motion.
Here we are by a frozen pond.
The best family shot we could manage with all the layers!
She was bundled!
Here they are again. Madison is 4 months older than Elijah
Maddie's keeping an eye on him! We had a relaxing and fun time- thanks for inviting us to join you, Caleb and Jessica!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Santa Barbara

Aunt Dottie, Mom, Maddie, and me spent all of Monday traipsing around- just going where the wind blew us. Our first stop was in Summerland at a great breakfast place over looking the ocean. Aunt Dottie and Maddie were dressed like twins.
Madison began chewing on my mom's necklace with her one tooth (that was a no :). We have begun that phase!
Then we kept driving to Santa Barbara where we laid out by the water and sunbathed (kind of, we actually were avoiding getting burned). After that we were hungry again, so we went to my mom's favorite restaurant- Anderson's. It's a Danish place on State Street with delicious pastries. That night Dad and Jesse joined us at our home for dinner. It was a full day!

Maddie's First High School Camp

This past weekend we went to Verdugo Pines Camp where Jesse preached to Placerita Baptist's High School group. Despite having the stomach flu the day before we left, we had a fabulous time! The staff and students were extremely welcoming to us- we were thankful to get to know them.
Jesse, Maddie, and me went for a tiny walk around the lake. Part of it was frozen, and Jesse wanted to step on it, but my cautious side asked him not to :)
We even stood in some snow! I love the Daddy and Maddie pics.
***Warning: these people are not a family, not even a couple*** Hee hee...had to put that down so there are no misunderstandings. Actually, the guy on the right is a kid a used to babysit. Yeah, I feel old. He's now engaged and in seminary!!!
Jesse did an amazing job delivering the Word four times. The theme was, "Don't hold back". So, he focused on what keeps the believer from sharing the gospel- very appropriate and convicting.