Thursday, February 12, 2009

Aunt Dottie Makes Maddie Smile!

Aunt Dottie has spent the last two months with us in California, and we have made some amazing memories! Here are just a couple resent photos of she and Madison together. They have a special bond.
Aunt Dottie saw Maddie grow quite a bit. She watched her learn to sit up by herself, scoot backwards, rock on all fours, grow some hair, gain a tooth, change clothes sizes, and begin to eat baby food. AD enjoyed every moment- she watched both my mom and me go through these stages, too!
Always a smile with Aunt Dottie around.
Playing on the floor together.
Going to tea.

The toy in the background is one of Maddie's favorites, and guess who gave it to her? It sings and lights up- so entertaining!
Maddie needed a teething ring, so the place mat was a perfect substitute.
We miss you already Aunt Dottie, and can't wait to give you more hugs and kisses! Thank you for staying here so long!

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