Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Maddie's First High School Camp

This past weekend we went to Verdugo Pines Camp where Jesse preached to Placerita Baptist's High School group. Despite having the stomach flu the day before we left, we had a fabulous time! The staff and students were extremely welcoming to us- we were thankful to get to know them.
Jesse, Maddie, and me went for a tiny walk around the lake. Part of it was frozen, and Jesse wanted to step on it, but my cautious side asked him not to :)
We even stood in some snow! I love the Daddy and Maddie pics.
***Warning: these people are not a family, not even a couple*** Hee hee...had to put that down so there are no misunderstandings. Actually, the guy on the right is a kid a used to babysit. Yeah, I feel old. He's now engaged and in seminary!!!
Jesse did an amazing job delivering the Word four times. The theme was, "Don't hold back". So, he focused on what keeps the believer from sharing the gospel- very appropriate and convicting. 

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Ben and Melissa James said...

Who is the guy you used to babysit? I don't recognize him.