Sunday, January 29, 2012

So Many Thoughts...

I haven't had the time to sit down and blog lately...just too much going on in preparing to move across the country! These days are filled with getting together with dear friends and family, making decisions for our new home, and organizing to move. We are enjoying each moment, as they are directly ordained by God.
The other day a group of my mom's dear friends got together with me for a time of prayer. It was a sweet time. Each of these ladies have played an important role in my life- models of what a young woman should strive to be. They each wrote out their prayers for our family, and put them in a notebook for me to take. Just so precious.
These photos were taken last night by my dear friend Rachel. We met her and Mike at the beach, took some pictures, ate a picnic dinner, and then went to Dee Dee Reese for ice cream. I'm so thankful for my friendship with Rachel and the fun we all had last night.
We are thankful for these full days with friends and family. We are soaking up all our CA time, and looking with smiles on our faces towards the future. We know that God is faithful, and we are excited to see Him lead us.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ladies Day

While Jesse was in Virginia, the girls and I did some special activities. One day Savannah stayed home with Rachel White (fun time for her), while the bigger girls went to the American Girl Place.
Here we are ready for tea!
Of course dog joined us for tea. Maddie said dog did not want to dress up for the special time out, but she did!
Silly faces at dessert time.
After having great conversation and food, we went to Pottery Barn Kids store where Madison had fun playing.
On the way home Maddie said, "Mom, God gives us good things."
I agree with my sweet little girl- God does give us good things.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's Official...We're Moving to Virginia!

We were thrilled to find out tonight that Immanuel Bible Church has called Jesse to be their teaching pastor! God is so good to direct us to this church family. Thank you for your prayers and all the kind notes we've received regarding this. We look forward to what God will do to grow both us and this loving church closer to Him.
Our plan is to move in a month. It is hard to think about leaving our family and church here in California, but we trust God's guidance. Thank you for your prayers on our behalf!
The picture above is of the members of the church after the vote. They gathered around Jesse and laid hands on him, and then the elders prayed for him. I got to watch the whole thing (with the girls) via skype! I can't wait to be there again in person.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Immanuel Bible Church

As some of you may already know, the Elders at Immanuel Bible Church have unanimously voted to recommend Jesse to their congregation as Lead Teaching Pastor. Jesse and I flew to VA this past week in order for Jesse to preach to the congregation and meet many people in the church. We had a wonderful (and packed) trip! I just flew in this morning, and Jesse stays to meet with more people and preach this coming Sunday. Please be in prayer for the church members as they vote this coming Sunday, January 15.
Here's Jesse before church Sunday morning! The church has just been beautifully remodeled.
Between the 3 morning services, we were able to meet many of the church body. It's so exciting for us to meet other brothers and sisters in Christ, and find common bonds.
Jesse preached from Matthew 16: Unstoppable, The Building of the Church. If you want to listen to the message, or find more out about the church go to their website here.
Meeting more of the church family before the Q & A Sunday night.
Christian Pinkston moderated the questions that night. I sure was thankful that all except two were for Jesse to answer!
We look forward to see how God will work through His church. If we are called, we are thrilled for this opportunity, and look forward to serving our great Savior there. We already have friends, through the body of Christ. What a blessing! Please be in prayer as we might be leaving my family here in CA, our church, and dear friends. This quote was given to me by a friend, and has encouraged me to think eternally:
"We can have the contentment of home right now, wherever we are, because home for us is wherever God has us. In fact, home is more than this-home is Christ, who unites us to God our Father. In this home alone can we find contentment because it is the only home we will never have to leave."

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Early Birthday, Jesse!

Mike White and I put together a little surprise birthday celebration for Jesse last night. Jesse has wanted to go to Red Robin where a girl from our CSUN Bible study works. So, I got Jesse there on time and Mike sent an email out to the Bible study...and it worked! Jesse was completely surprised. Thanks GOC for making this happen!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Arizona Christmas

After our fun time in Albuquerque, we drove through snow-covered mountains to Phoenix to celebrate Christmas with the James (my sister and her family) and Mimi and Papa!
Uncle Ben creatively read the Christmas story from the Bible as the girls acted it out with the manger scene. They had quite a great time doing so.
Nothing better than good laughs in Christmas PJ's with the cousins.
The girls were all thrilled to open and GIVE presents.
Going for a walk to the park. Maddie had our back.
Takes two to push Maddie and Savannah.
The girls love playing with their new MobiGo games from Papa and Mimi.
We had our traditional Italian dinner with manicotti, pasta, sausage, and meatballs. The girls ate tons!!
Driving to see Christmas lights!
Family photo, minus Papa.
Papa and Mimi also got all the girls matching jammies...shot #1 my girls are acting crazy.
Shot #2 everyone is laughing at all the adults being silly.
At the park.

This park has a train, carousel, and play area.
Jesse took this photo because he thought I was crazy to jog alongside the train as it rode around the park. It ended up being a little work out!
Jesse gets to have all the fun! He got the wrist band and rode all the rides. He's a kid at heart :)
The next day we threw Emma a tea birthday party. From dress up clothes to tea sandwiches to painting nails and dancing like princesses- we had quite a fun time.
These girlies kept us laughing.
Savannah joined in on the dance DVD :)
Thanks Ben and Melissa for making our stay so memorable- we had a great time with you!

Monday, January 2, 2012


Yes, I did say "AlbaTURKEY" because that's how Maddie says Albuquerque! It was quite fun hearing her ask, "Are we in AlbaTURKEY yet?" We just got back from a ten-day road trip from LA to Albuquerque to Phoenix. We had a wonderful time with our families. On our way out to ABQ, one of my favorite memories was reading the Polar Express to Maddie as it was snowing outside and we could see trains passing us on the freeway. It was actually a fun time in the car from snacks to singing and games.
Madison and Savannah LOVED Grandpa and GiGi's dogs! Savannah would growl with excitement every time she'd see one of them.
Christmas morning before church.
Jesse and his brother JJ (just talking, not arguing as it may appear :) We enjoyed our time with JJ and Danielle- we ate dinner twice at their house! Thank you both :)
Homie made his famous waffles Christmas morning. The dogs waited patiently for drippings. Aunt Di, Aunt Deb, and Uncle Mike were the best kitchen help all weekend long.
Thank you Gale and Homie for the wonderful visit- you both out did yourselves! We miss you already!
Madison loved watching footage of Grandpa racing on his motorcycle! Now every time we see a motorcycle she asks if it's Grandpa. She says he's fast :)
I was bummed that I didn't get a photo of Gale reading bedtime stories to Maddie on her iPad. Madison thought it was the coolest thing!
Savannah loved climbing the stairs and this little suitcase.
She also rode this rocking horse (Jesse's Grandfather made) until it slid across the floor!

Thank you Aunt Di and Uncle Mike for this piano- Madison hasn't stopped playing with it!
We had a great time with our family! Thank you everyone for making this special time happen!