Monday, January 2, 2012


Yes, I did say "AlbaTURKEY" because that's how Maddie says Albuquerque! It was quite fun hearing her ask, "Are we in AlbaTURKEY yet?" We just got back from a ten-day road trip from LA to Albuquerque to Phoenix. We had a wonderful time with our families. On our way out to ABQ, one of my favorite memories was reading the Polar Express to Maddie as it was snowing outside and we could see trains passing us on the freeway. It was actually a fun time in the car from snacks to singing and games.
Madison and Savannah LOVED Grandpa and GiGi's dogs! Savannah would growl with excitement every time she'd see one of them.
Christmas morning before church.
Jesse and his brother JJ (just talking, not arguing as it may appear :) We enjoyed our time with JJ and Danielle- we ate dinner twice at their house! Thank you both :)
Homie made his famous waffles Christmas morning. The dogs waited patiently for drippings. Aunt Di, Aunt Deb, and Uncle Mike were the best kitchen help all weekend long.
Thank you Gale and Homie for the wonderful visit- you both out did yourselves! We miss you already!
Madison loved watching footage of Grandpa racing on his motorcycle! Now every time we see a motorcycle she asks if it's Grandpa. She says he's fast :)
I was bummed that I didn't get a photo of Gale reading bedtime stories to Maddie on her iPad. Madison thought it was the coolest thing!
Savannah loved climbing the stairs and this little suitcase.
She also rode this rocking horse (Jesse's Grandfather made) until it slid across the floor!

Thank you Aunt Di and Uncle Mike for this piano- Madison hasn't stopped playing with it!
We had a great time with our family! Thank you everyone for making this special time happen!

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Anonymous said...

so fun!! I love the pic of Madi in front of the Christmas tree - she looks soo grown up :)