Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Card Tradition

It's no secret that I love traditions. It's a special part of family life to create memories that are both meaningful and silly. For instance, on Sundays our kids love popcorn night after night church. We take down the Whirly Pop and love hearing the kernels ping against the pot as they pop. We usually do this dancing to some fun music. Another: every night our family sings a hymn together.
A few years ago I read the book Treasuring God in Our Traditions by Noel Piper. It brought out the point that in our traditions, we want to point to Christ. There are great practical ideas in this book on how to make that work. Here's a Christmas tradition we do...we pray for each family as we receive their Christmas card. I'm sure many of you do this. It's a simple one...we just set the Christmas cards aside, then before bed or at dinner we pray for each family.
For some reason this year the Christmas cards on the fridge have gotten out of control! I have to get one of those Christmas card decorative holders. Do you have a good way to display the cards? I'd also love to hear your favorite Christmas family tradition too!


azuremle said...

We're upside down! :) We make a " birthday cake" for Jesus (gingerbread cake) on Christmas eve then have it as desert following Christmas dinner. Last year Anna also made a bday card for Jesus expressing hanks for coming to be our saviour. And we have done a family native play a couple of times as the kids enjoy being part of the story. Mikey is getting good at his humble role as donkey!

CAC said...

Found your blog via IBC! Can't wait for Sunday! Anyway, saw your blog a few weeks ago, the one about the hot chocolate bar, and was going to comment then, but decided to wait. I'm having a baby shower saturday (theme is BABY, It's Cold Outside!) and am doing the hot chocolate bar.. so was looking for ideas! gotta love pinterest.. just the best! anyway, yours looks great.. the pics were fabulous. I am trying to figure out the whipping cream situation, your device looked pretty good. Anyway, the best I've seen on christmas cards is this one..via pinterest of course.. easy to store, for the kids to look through, etc..
not that I've ever taken the time to actually do it!