Monday, October 26, 2015

Lovin Fall Here

While Jesse was in CA for a short trip, we sure had a lot of fun. We miss him when he's gone, but always manage to keep busy.
Once a month we go on a field trip with friends. This past Friday we went to Huntley Meadows to explore the changes in season.

These cuties are looking for creatures and footprints in the marsh.
The colors were beautiful!
The crew.
Friday night we enjoyed pizza and games with the neighbors.
Saturday the MOPS group held a fall festival at the church. 
We had 2 princesses and a dragon :)
I love how Savannah walks like a princess. Later on Geneva chased her tail in circles- so funny!
Naomi was a princess, too. The bounce house was so fun!
The girls fished for goldfish.
Dale put his face in one of the holes, and the kids threw beanie babies at him!
The face painting was a hit!
After the trick or treating, the kids looked at their loot and ate some candy.
After picking up Jesse from the airport, we headed to Escape the Room with some friends. We had 60 minutes to find clues, figure codes out, and find the bomb before the White House blew up. It was great fun!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

IMAX Ocean Movie and Fun Days

 We just loved the IMAX 3D Ocean movie at the Natural History Museum!
 After that we enjoyed eating ice cream outside on such a pretty fall day.
 Then we just kept the party going by playing at a cool climbing park in Clarindon.
Nice job, girls!
The girls loved climbing this over and over- kinda like a huge tree house.
I love that you can hear another little girl yelling 'Get me down!" she was kinda scared by the whole thing.
 Go Geneva!
 Mimi was so helpful taking the little two on walks in the morning while I did school with Maddie. 
 We made a cake to celebrate Savannah's birthday while my mom was here (it's only a month before her birthday- never too early to start celebrating!).
 Thanks Mimi for visiting- we loved our time with you!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Women's Retreat and More

I had the privilege to go with my mom to Baltimore for a women's retreat that she was teaching at last weekend. It was great hearing her teach, meeting new sisters in Christ from Baltimore Bible Church, and having great conversations with mom and Maryn throughout the 2 days. My mom spoke on challenging the way we think about time, keeping our thoughts captive to Christ, and discernment. I will definitely be going over my notes soon- she covered topics that I need to prayerfully think through.
 The ladies at the retreat were so sweet! We played a few games (Maryn is participating here), sang, and ate yummy meals together.
   This fall I've started to help out with the second grade girls Sunday school class- what a fun group! We learned about God's covenant with Abraham last week- God promised him as many descendants as the stars! He certainly has fulfilled that promise.
Savannah had Cubbie Bear this week- so much fun!
He was definitely the favorite animal to snuggle with each night.
It's been fun helping out on Sunday nights with Savannah's Cubbie class. These kids are so adorable!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

More Fun Times with Mimi

I'm so thankful that we've had beautiful fall weather since my mom has been visiting! We've spent lots of time enjoying the outdoors. One evening we relaxed by the fire pit and talked.
After school one day, we headed over to Nall's Produce for outside playtime. 
Geneva's on the go!
 We also did some shopping and bought yummy fresh veggies. 
 And that's SAVANNAH riding her 2 wheel bike- she learned last week with just a couple tries. Thanks Jesse for teaching her! She was so thrilled that she flew open the door singing 'Everything is awesome when you can ride with no training wheels!"
 Thanks to Mimi we had craft time with homemade cinnamon popcorn.
 We've been studying how our body works. Mimi helped with the body tracing and organ labeling.
 So fun!
  It's been wonderful having another set of adult helping hands!!
More pics to come...

Sunday, October 11, 2015

American Girl Time

 Mimi is in town! We had a ladies day and celebrated Savannah's birthday a little early.
Savannah picked out Grace as her doll. She absolutely loves her! 
Maddie had Saige and Savannah had Grace join us at lunch!
Happy Birthday shake!
Oreo shake :)

Thanks Mimi for a special lunch and Savannah's new doll! we're looking forward to more fun in the days ahead with you.

Monday, October 5, 2015

There's No Way This Baby is Two...

My sweet baby is 2 years old. Yikes. The days are flying. I sure am thankful to God for blessing us with Geneva Joy. She brings such spunk and life to our family. Her older sisters adore her- even "fight" over who can help her eat or sit next to her during meals. It's wonderful to see how God planned for us to have Geneva in our family. She makes me loose my mind sometimes- she's a daredevil- always on the move, climbing (outside the stair railing or up on a counter without help), coloring with markers somewhere other than paper, getting the scissors out, or escaping outside. She makes us laugh and gives us great JOY. So thankful for God's good gift in Geneva. We pray He will continue growing her up in health, God's wisdom and love, and into a woman that fears Him and desires to obey Him with all her heart. May her passion be directed towards giving glory to God!
 Goofy girl. We had a couple of Geneva's friends over for a baby-themed party. 
She loves her baby dolls! We ate BABY back ribs, BABY potatoes, BABY greens, and BABY corn.
 Geneva and her friend Landon. Too cute.
 We had a race to see who could drink a baby bottle the fastest- it was incredibly hard!!
The dads were hilarious to watch!
 We also played a relay game where the kids had to dress a baby (including a diaper), and then the next person went. Super fun!
 Cute little friends.
 Can you believe these cookies?! Such detail! 
Thank you Penny for making the most delicious sugar babies!
 Oh yes, and she made a crib with a blanket, pillow and paci,  tiny shoes and a rug. 
It was beautiful!
 Cute sisters! Maddie said, "She looks like such a big 2 year old today!"
 Thanks Miss Penny- they are delish!
 Neva loves her new baby toys- thank you everyone for coming!
 We went to church on her birthday. Thanks Grandma for this adorable new outfit!
 Her sisters gave her the new sparkle shoes :)
 Pumpkin pancakes, spiced whip cream, and bacon for lunch!
We love you, Geneva!!
Poor little Neva has had bronchitis and a sinus infection this last week. I new she hasn't been feeling well. I just took her in today for her "well check" and got those results. Please pray she heals quickly.