Thursday, October 22, 2015

IMAX Ocean Movie and Fun Days

 We just loved the IMAX 3D Ocean movie at the Natural History Museum!
 After that we enjoyed eating ice cream outside on such a pretty fall day.
 Then we just kept the party going by playing at a cool climbing park in Clarindon.
Nice job, girls!
The girls loved climbing this over and over- kinda like a huge tree house.
I love that you can hear another little girl yelling 'Get me down!" she was kinda scared by the whole thing.
 Go Geneva!
 Mimi was so helpful taking the little two on walks in the morning while I did school with Maddie. 
 We made a cake to celebrate Savannah's birthday while my mom was here (it's only a month before her birthday- never too early to start celebrating!).
 Thanks Mimi for visiting- we loved our time with you!!

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