Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Aunt Dottie's Visit

The Johnsons love Aunt Dottie! She's always been a special part of my life. I can't remember a time when Aunt Dottie hasn't been close to me. When I was little she took me to the circus, on walks, out to lunch, etc. All through high school and college Aunt Dottie and I wrote letters almost weekly. She's always remembering our birthdays and holidays with a card or a package in the mail for me and the kids. She's really the best aunt. She always been so involved in her family's life (starting with my mom and Aunt Jennifer). Aunt Dottie is selfless, generous, thoughtful, cute, and she's a trouper. Whatever we have going, she happily comes along and makes the day fun. She spent the last month visiting Cali, so here are some of the things we did...

Playing with Savannah.
We had a birthday party for her...she turned 99!
She looks amazing!
Maddie liked watching movies with her.
Mom and I took her to tea one afternoon.
We even had the excitement of a little earthquake during our tea time!
Maddie also loved playing Sorry, dress up dolls, puzzles, reading, and the matching game with Aunt Dottie.

She was always ready to play along with whatever pretend game was happening!
Aunt Dottie cheered us on as we swam.
More Savannah hugs.
It's hard for all of us to see sweet Aunt Dottie go home to Mass. She's a joy to have here. I can't remember ever hearing her complain once. I'm so thankful for the time we've had together.
We miss you Aunt Dottie!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Savannah is 10 Months

I just love this little shnookie. She's full of laughs, smiles, and growls! Yes, she growls at animals and Maddie when they crawl around and play chase on the floor...it's quite entertaining.
Savannah still takes 2 naps a day, and sleeps about 11 hours at night (loving that!). We just went through about a week of teething where she was waking during the night, and that threw us all off! Poor girl wasn't wanting to eat either. Now she as about 7 teeth! She prefers eating table food over the baby stuff (I don't blame her). She's been waving hi and bye and doing sign language at meals. It's so fun to see her communicate a little. Savannah is trying to stand on her own these days, and loves to walk along furniture or with a cart. She claps and dances to music!
My prayer for this sweet gift from God is that she will grow into a godly young lady that fears and loves Him. That her faith will be strong and that she will be a testimony to others of His grace. I'm so thankful to my Heavenly Father for this sweet gift!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Long-Awaited Ballet Classes!

Madison is just thrilled that ballet classes have begun! The best part is that our sweet friend Anna is teaching. Another huge bonus is that our friends are in the class with us (Abby Busenitz and Abby Grauman). Anna did a wonderful job teaching the girls this past Tuesday, and we're excited to see their skills (listening, following directions, and ballet skills:) improve over the next weeks and months.

The girls began with pretending to be little seeds.
Then they grew up to be flowers that reached for the sun.
Time to stay in your hoop and practice the moves (I need some of these at home...ha).
What cuties in pink! I think Maddie needs tights :)
Anna bought the girls some dress up things, and then they did free dance time to princess music! What a hit!
At the end of class Maddie said, "I love ballet and don't want to leave!" That afternoon she didn't sleep during nap time, but practiced ballet for 1 1/2 hours in her room!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


The Davis' were kind enough to take time to join us for 2 days in Yellowstone. Here's what we saw...pretty amazing. If you haven't gone yet, you should make it happen!
Monday morning traffic!

Our rental car had a sun roof, so Madison loved looking out at the wildlife through it!

Lil' buddies.
The whole group- 4 kids under 3 years old!
Savannah LOVED the river- she just gets so excited over anything that moves! She kicks her legs and squeals!
Watching the waterfall.
Old Faithful! About 5 seconds after this photo was taken, we were sprayed with a bunch of the water! It was so refreshing :) Kinda cool that the water was cold by the time it hit us because it's scalding when it first comes out!
Grrr...we think a bear ate this buffalo!
We scrambled up a hill to get this beautiful view!

Mud pots!
Kickin' it through the paint pots!
That night we spent the night at a cabin, and this was the view we had as we drove there!
Morning bottle!
What are we going to see today?!

I just love this happy girl!
We stayed in a cabin near this beautiful lake.
They just love giggling together!
My girls!
Maddie was trying to skip rocks like mommy and daddy.
I was so thankful for this week with Jesse! The day after we got home he left to teach at a conference in Florida. These family times are precious since Jesse travels a bunch!
This spot is called "hook and cook". Some people used to catch a fish from the lake, then stick it in this hot spring to cook it!
The hot springs had such beautiful color!
That day we had a picnic by the river.
We saw bison, deer, elk, and an eagle on the trip! God's creation is so beautiful and varied. It's interesting how each creation is made uniquely.
This is where "Yellowstone" got its name- from the color of the stone.

From here Eric and Leslie drove home, and we continued through to the top of Yellowstone and drove all the way back that night.
God's design is amazing.
This area is called Mammoth.

We stopped for a picnic dinner.
Our luxurious rental car!
This is Maddie's first picture...she was so thrilled to use my camera!
On the drive home, we made a pit stop at Old Faithful again and changed the girls into jammies. In that short time, we were able to see Old Faithful go off a second time!
Jesse and I were so thankful for many things about this trip. A few of them are...see God's loving sovereignty in providing us with so many good things, extra time together to talk as a family, time with Eric and Leslie that was sharpening to our our walks with the Lord...and the list goes on. We even played a "thankful" game in the car when Madison started to get tired of being in her car seat. She was thankful for "God creating beautiful trees and mountains!"
Psalm 48:5 Let them praise the name of the LORD!For he commanded and they were created.
1 Chronicles 16:15 For great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised,and he is to be held in awe above all gods.