Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Long-Awaited Ballet Classes!

Madison is just thrilled that ballet classes have begun! The best part is that our sweet friend Anna is teaching. Another huge bonus is that our friends are in the class with us (Abby Busenitz and Abby Grauman). Anna did a wonderful job teaching the girls this past Tuesday, and we're excited to see their skills (listening, following directions, and ballet skills:) improve over the next weeks and months.

The girls began with pretending to be little seeds.
Then they grew up to be flowers that reached for the sun.
Time to stay in your hoop and practice the moves (I need some of these at home...ha).
What cuties in pink! I think Maddie needs tights :)
Anna bought the girls some dress up things, and then they did free dance time to princess music! What a hit!
At the end of class Maddie said, "I love ballet and don't want to leave!" That afternoon she didn't sleep during nap time, but practiced ballet for 1 1/2 hours in her room!

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Karina said...

Love it!! How fun... Anna told me about this :)